On March 5, 2013 National University of Pharmacy participated in regional poetry festival “Symphony of Soul”

The festival was organized by the regional committee of Kharkiv regional trade union organization of healthcare workers as the part of Grand Project “Ovation”.

5.03.2013  поэтический вечерRector of the NUPh, Professor V.P. Chernykh opened the poetry evening with his own poetry “Blizzard” and “To Sergei Yesenin”. NationalUniversity of Pharmacy at the festival was also represented by Chief Accountant of primary trade union organization G.M. Altukhova, senior department assistant of Botany Department O.V. Samulenko, senior engineer of Landscape Architecture V.S. Stepanova, 3rd course student Katerina Ivanova. Of five nominations, in which the participants competed, in two won the NUPh representatives: G.M. Altukhova and Katerina Ivanova.

Most of the poems that were heard at the festival were dedicated to the Woman – mother, beloved, friend. All participants had the opportunity to appraise the work of colleagues from various medical institutions of Kharkiv, enjoyed the event and were moved by the spring mood that prevailed at the festival.

Many staff members of the National University of Pharmacy write poetry. We are looking forward to their active participation in literary meetings.

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