On Monday, 18 March 2013 at 9:00 the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

On the agenda

State of supply of each academic discipline with course books, including course books in English

Speakers: head of the Scientific methodological (scientific research) laboratory Ogar S. V., director of the scientific library Gavrish N.B.

State of creation of a new film about NUPh

Speakers: first vice-rector Gritsenko I.S., vice-rector Ivanova K.A.

Creation of the NUPh symbols

Speakers: prof. Ivanova K.A. the NUPh emblem pattern

prof. Ivanova K.A., prof. Vishnevskaya L.I. –the NUPh graduate badge pattern

Status of preparations for presentation of 3-d tours of the museum on the NUPh website

Events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of former rector D.P. Salo

Speaker: director of the museum Grigorieva M.V.

Development of the NUPh material base    

Speakers: vice-rector Smolyanik V.T., vice-rector Ivanova K.A., leading specialist Kantsedal L.М.

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