On October, 12, 2012 the (VІ)th theoretical and practical conference with international participating “Management in pharmacy”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Department of Quality Management will take place.

Mainstreams of the conference

  • Tendencies and prospects of development of quality management in pharmaceutical sphere.
  • Quality provision on the stages of life cycle of medications: from development and researches – to registration, production, state control and distribution.
  • Forming and introduction of the systems of quality management and integrated control system at the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises.
  • Introduction of process and system approaches; monitoring, measuring and analysis of processes of the quality systems in pharmacy.
  • Audits / self-verification of the pharmaceutical quality systems.
  • Estimation, analysis and risk management in the work of organizations of pharmaceutical profile.
  • Approaches, methods and training aids, preparation of personnel of pharmaceutical enterprises, in the light of introduction of the proper pharmaceutical practices.
  • Organization of activity of quality services at the pharmaceutical enterprises.
  • Approaches of validation realization of technological processes, cleaning procedures and methods of analysis, and also qualification of equipment and subsidiary systems at the medication production enterprises.
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