On October 23, 2013, National University of Pharmacy hosted a delegation of National Research University «Belgorod State University” (Russian Federation)

Under the bilateral agreement signed on March 29, 2013, on cooperation between NRU “BelSU” and the NUPh Russian scientists visited our university in order to discuss cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical education, research activities, joint applied research and so on.

23.10.2013 визит делегации БелГУ в НФаУ 9National Research University «Belgorod State University” was represented by a delegation consisting of Polukhin Oleg Nikolaevich – NDU “ByelDU” Rector, Doctor of Political Sciences, professor; Mamatov Aleksandr Vasilievich – vice rector for academic affairs and information, Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor; Kulikovskiy Vladimir Fedorovich – director of the NRU “BelSU” Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor; Spichak Irina Vladimirovna – dean of the Pharmacy Faculty of the NRU “BelSU” Medical University, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor; Gerashchenko Vladimir Nikhailovich – head of the administrative department of the NRU “BelSU”; Pisarenko Mikhail Stanislavovych – head of Department for international education programs and projects NRU “BelSU”; Tsurikova Larissa Vladimmirovna – head of the Foreign languages Department and business communications.

Traditionally, the official part of the return visit was opened with meeting at the NUPh Rector’s, professor V.P. Chernykh. Then there was a business meeting on the practical implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation between the NRU “BelSU” and the NUPh to participate in which were invited heads of the departments and subdivisions of the University.

23.10.2013 визит делегации БелГУ в НФаУ 4Opening the meeting, the NUPh, professor V.P. Chernykh noted in particular:

– We are glad to welcome in the walls of the National University of Pharmacy the NRU “BelSU” delegation, delegation of one of the best universities in Russian Federation. After meeting in March, when we visited BelgorodUniversity, specialists of both universities in due course prepared a bilateral document to be signed today and the provisions of which, I am sure, will find implementation in the process of cooperation between our educational institutions – cooperation constructive and mutually interesting.

– Interaction in educational, scientific, research activities will help improve performance by those criteria, which are crucial for ranking of the universities – noted the NRU “BelSU” Rector, professor A. Polukhin. – Our universities have many areas of common interest, so that cooperation, which has moved from the theoretical dimension to the dimension of practical implementation, – it is the ability to learn from experience and the best componens of activities.

During the meeting guests from Russia acquainted with the organization of the educational process in the NUPh, research work and strategy in the field of training academic staff, including for foreign countries, activity of the Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement, publishing activity, work of the Department of practical training employment assistance and so on.

 At the end of the business meeting took place a ceremonial signing of the Roadmap of interaction between NationalResearchUniversity «BelgorodStateUniversity” and the National University of Pharmacy – a sort of “guide” for the nearest future with regard to the implementation of pre-agreed vectors of cooperation.

 Cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical education:

  • Analysis and correction of training curricula in order to develop joint educational programs;
  • development of student exchange plan in order to train for at least a semester, and also students’   internships;
  • organization of admission of students who come to study in the framework of student exchanges;
  • planning and organization of student exchanges to undergo educational and industrial practices on professional cycle of disciplines;
  • organization of graduate qualification works involving scientists and scientific base of the partner higher education institution;
  • provision and organization of bilateral exchanges of academic teaching staff for lectures and classes, such as for the period of at least 3 months;
  • involvement of the academic teaching staff and organization of visiting trainings for the teachers of the partner higher education institution;
  • creation of a joint training plan and publication of teaching materials (textbooks, manuals, monographs, etc.) in “Pharmacy” specialty;
  • expert, organizational and methodological assistance in the opening of new degree programs: Bachelor and Master’s degree in specialty 240100 “Chemical technology” with profile “Industrial technology of drugs” and also in specialty “Industrial technology drugs”;
  • joint educational and scientific conferences, participation in conferences of partner higher education institution.

 Cooperation in the field of scientific research:

  • organization of       teleconference bridge involving leading scientists of the partner higher education institution to determine the scientific interests of the parties and identify the priority areas of scientific research;
  • formation of roadmap for organization of joint scientific researches, particularly in the priority areas of border regions;
  • development of scientific mobility of scientists of partner higher education institution through their participation in the international research and innovation projects, competitions, grants, etc.;
  • creation of a plan for the postgraduate students exchange to conduct dissertation researches;
  • organization of admission of postgraduate students who came within the educational exchange, and enforcement of accomplishment of their scientific research works in technical parks, centers and laboratories partner higher education institution;
  •  involvement of leading scientists of the NUPh to lead scientific research laboratories of Pharmacy Faculty of  NRU “BelSU”;
  • creation of scientific schools in the NRU “BelSU” under the guidance of leading scientists of the NUPh;
  • publication of joint articles for international scientific journals with high citation index ;
  • assistance in publication of articles in journals of partner higher education institution included into the list of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK).

 Organization of joint applied research (according to the Memorandum of Intent dd. 04.18.2013):

  • organization of cooperation in the field of nanotechnology, development of new drugs, including nanosilver, nano-iron, etc.;
  • organization of cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical technology and standardization of eye drops containing erythropoietin;
  • implementation of joint activities in the field of pharmacogenetics, related to assessment of ADME profile bank of volunteers for bioequivalence study;
  • preclinical studies of new mediciness, in terms of specific types of toxicity (gonadotoxicity, reproductive toxicity,     mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, immunotoxicity, allergenicity and so on);
  • organization of interaction in clinical trials of drugs (including bioequivalence studies).

 During their visit the NRU “BelSU” delegation were acquainted with the ClinicalDiagnosticCenter of the NUPh, Clinic for the Study of bioequivalence of drugs; in Medical and Biological Academic building visited lecture halls and laboratories of the Department of Pathological Physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, visited the Institute for Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement. The excursion program ended in the largest academic building of the NUPh – Chemical and Technological. Here the foreign guests had the opportunity to see the pride of our university – unique sculptures “Pharmacy in centuries” and “Personalities in pharmacy”, visited the Temple of Candlemas and Museum of the History of Pharmacy of Ukraine.

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