Quality management department

Address: 53, Pushkinska str., 4th floor, room 403

Тел :  +38 (057) 706-22-47

E-mail:  iso9001@nuph.edu.ua

The Quality Management Department is a subdivision of the National University of Pharmacy, whose functions are to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System at NUPh, to improve and to harmonize internal processes through monitoring and clear regulation, bringing in the best domestic and international experience; consulting services in the field of quality management, standardization and certification.

Staff of the Department of Quality Management

Assistant Rector for Quality and CertificationNAZARKO Olga Ivanovna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences. А Participant of the program «Education of the Quality Monitoring» USA. Agency of the for international development (USAID) in the framework of the project «Education’s Program for professional development».

Scientific interests: study of factors and mechanisms influencing the education quality improvement and ensuring equal access to quality education.

Scientific achievements: Author of over 57 scientific and methodical publications.

Ovakimyan Olga Sergeevna – sociologist, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor. Her research interests focuses on the monitoring of the quality management system, study the market of educational services and applied sociology. An author of 75 scientific and methodical publications. A participation of scientific and scientific-practical conferences, a member of Sociological Association of Ukraine. In the framework of the Departmental activities of the conducts applied research to development and implementation of measures aimed at achieving the objectives of the quality management system and objectives of the University.




Hladintsova Olena Yuriivna – senior engineer of quality. In 2007, she graduated from the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport in specialty «Management of Foreign Economic Activities», in 2018, she received the second university degree with qualification in the field of intellectual property in specialty  «Enterprise, Trade and Exchange Activities» at the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy





Orlovsky Arkady Borysovych – specialist of the 1st category. on standardization, certification and quality of the quality management department.

In 2009 he graduated from the National University of Pharmacy, educational qualification level with a master’s degree in “Pharmacy”, received a professional qualification “Pharmacist”. In 2013 he received his second master’s degree from the National University of Pharmacy, majoring in “Administrative Management”.



Tsapko Yevhen Oleksandrovych – Leading Specialist of the Quality Management Department, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. He has been working at NUPh since 1995. Author of 60 scientific and 20 educational publications.





  • The Constitution of Ukraine
  • The Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”
  • Legislation, external and internal regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • The University Charter
  • The NUPh development strategy
  • The University policies and objectives
  • The University management rules
  • The Statement of the Department of Quality Management
  • Decisions of the Scientific Council of the NUPh
  • Recommendations on the international ISO standards
  • Internal documents, orders and decrees of the University Rector
  • Anti-Corruption Program



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