Procedure for submitting documentation for the invitation to study in NUPh


To submit an invitation to study, the foreign and stateless persons should provide to the admissions office (election committee) in paper form or electronic copies  of the following documents:

1) foreigner’s passport;

2) a document on the level of education with the obtained marks (points) on educational subjects with translation into the Ukrainian language;

3) in case of transferring or getting reinstated at the university, an academic certificate issued by a foreign (domestic) educational institution with a translation into the Ukrainian language is provided;

4) formalized and self-assured agreement to the processing of personal data in the appropriate languages ​​of study;

5) the applicant’s notification for the invitation to study is submitted, in which information is provided on the further obtaining of appropriate educational training (preparatory courses, obtaining an educational level for licensed specialties and educational-professional programmes) and information about the country where the visa can be received.

The admissions office (election committee) conducts an analysis of the documents and decides on issuing an invitation to study. The analysis of the provided documents includes the procedure for determining the average point of a comprehensive general secondary education document through the Western European Bavarian Formula (Bayerische Formel).

Description of the Bavarian formula

The Bavarian formula is used to calculate the average point of foreign documents on the previously obtained level of education.

Nmax – Nmin


Nmax is maximum grade of the document on full secondary education, in accordance with the criteria for the assessment of the candidate’s country;

Nmin is the minimum passing grade for full secondary education, in accordance with the criteria for the assessment of the candidate’s country;

Nd is the average point in accordance with the submitted comprehensive secondary education document.

Criteria for evaluating by countries in the world are available at

Applicants with the average point of marks (points) of a full general secondary education in the range of 1.0 to 4.0 inclusive are admitted to NUPh.

The registration of university-hosted invitations and the register of  foreign and stateless persons, arriving to study in NUPh, are carried out by the Ukrainian State Centre for International Education (hereinafter – USCIE) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Upon registration of an invitation to the USCIE of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the University grants the foreign and stateless or authorized persons  an original of the registered invitation to issue an entry visa to Ukraine, printed on the letter headed paper.  The effective term of the invitation is six months from the date of its registration.

The reason for registration of the candidate’s entry visa for study at NUPh is following: for visa countries you should have the original of the corresponding invitation; for visa-free countries – a copy of the invitation; as well as visa support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at the request of the USCIE Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Having registered a notification for receiving an invitation to study in NUPh, the relevant scanned documents are submitted to the USCIE of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (electronic registration system of the invitation to study).

While staying in the country of permanent residence, a candidate should provide a package of documents to the representation of Ukraine in foreign states (embassy, ​​consulate) for the consideration and obtaining of a long-term visa (type “D” visa, which is inserted in the candidate’s passport for admission), which legalizes the candidate’s academic rights to receive education in NUPh.

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