Restoration of the institute

In 1944 the institute was re-evacuated to Kharkiv. The house in the Melnikova, 12 street was dilapidated. Professor Y.G. Borysiuk was again reffered for the position of the director of the institute. During the war the German invaders have robbed and destroyed almost everything in the departments. The Institute managed to preserve only the library – both scientific and textbooks on all subjects.

In the winter period of 1944-1945 due to the lack of fuel, the educational life of the institute was barely maintained, and there were not suitable conditions for scientific work. The total amount of damages, caused by the Nazi invaders of the Institute, reached 378 730 rubles.

Before 1945 the staff of the departments together with the students, have been mostly engaged in the restoration of laboratories, audiences and the creation of the necessary conditions for academic and scientific work.

An important element of the learning process were two industrial practices. The students completed the first graduated internship at pharmacies after the sixth semester. Its purpose was to familiarize future specialists with the peculiarities of the work of the pharmacist and to enable them to acquire professional skills. The next practice has been for eleven weeks, followed by the eighth semester. In the course of this practice, students studied the basics of pharmacy management, the work of control and analytical laboratories for the manufacture of pharyngeal preparations. In the reports of the Institute’s management, it was noted that in the first years after the university’s return from evacuation, the students completed a graduated internship at pharmacies in more favorable conditions than industrial ones at factories and laboratories, which suffered most of all the pharmaceutical establishments during the German occupation.

In December 1945 it was a significant event for the KIPh – the first post-war specialists graduated from the institute. The war made some changes in the educational process, so the next graduation of KIFh was in winter. 50 people received the diploma of graduation in 1945; four of them completed their studies with honours, 30 with an average score of “excellent” and “good”, 16 had an average score “satisfactorily.”

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