Scientific-educational technological laboratory of dosage forms


Bezchasnyuk Yelena Mikhailovna

Academic and teaching staff:

  • Senior research fellow Kuznetsov I.E. (DSc in Biology)
  • senior research fellow Ulesov A.V.(PhD in Physics)
  • research fellow Khomiakova L.G.
  • junior research fellow Goncharov M.I.
  • junior research fellow Zborovskaya T.V.

Scientific-educational technological laboratory of dosage forms was established in 2007 with the aim to enhance efficiency of scientific research activity and training academic and teaching staff, carrying out scientific research and educational activity.

The laboratory is supplied with necessary technological equipment for manufacturing solid dosage forms and measuring equipment, including:

– Automated complex of technological equipment for pharmaceutical production (Pharma test), consisting of: universal motor drive UAM, device for manufacturing pellets PLT, cube mixer СМ-7.5, high speed mixer  PSM, mixer РОМ-5, pebble mill ВМ-5, equipment for dry granulation DG, equipment for wet granulation WG-30, modular device for suppositories production  PFM-L with additional equipment.

– Automated complex of controlling analytical equipment of pharmaceutical production (PharmaТest) consisting of: dissolution testing device PTDT-70, according to requirements of State pharmacopoeia of Ukraine; friability tester PTF-10R, firmness, diameter and thickness measuring station, РТВ-311Е, settled volume tester РТ-TD1, automated disintegration tester  PTZ-S, etc.

The Laboratory carries out complex scientific research on new drugs creation, experimental technological research in the process of creating drugs, developed at NUPh.

The laboratory is the base for manufacturing practical training in industrial technology of drugs for students of various departments of NUPh, base for scientific research activity of graduate students.

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