September 15, 2011, Festive events on the occasion of Pharmacists’ Day. Award ceremony for best workers of pharmaceutical branch of Kharkov region and the concert (honoured guest Avraam Russo).

Dear friends and colleagues!
Let me heartily congratulate our large pharmaceutical society on the Pharmacists’ Day!

Today we can be proud of the fact that the dedicated and noble labor of the pharmacist is marked by such high governmental and public acknowledgement. It is the 12th time we celebrate our professional holiday, which has been established by the Decree of the president of Ukraine in 1999. On the historical scale this tradition is very young, but exceptionally precious for the pharmaceutical society, because it is our generation that is destined to participate in creation of the national pharmaceutical branch in independent Ukraine. It is a great honor and great responsibility to personal conscience, people of Ukraine and forthcoming generations.

Pharmacy is a strategic branch in the system of healthcare and national security protection of our country. People need us. Owing to the hard and devoted work of highly-qualified specialists, leaders of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, educational, scientific, managerial and informational spheres of the branch, national pharmacy is dynamically developing, actively introducing modern achievements and developments into production, ensuring the European quality standards and is competing successfully with foreign drug manufacturers. Ukraine justifiably is a pharmaceutical country and is able to provide the citizens with all necessary medicines to ensure health and high living standard.  Among the intellectual constellation of pharmaceutical fellowship there are many eminent people that have achieved great heights and continue to conquer professional peaks.

In these holidays I would like to congratulate all workers of pharmaceutical branch: specialists of pharmacies, analytical control service, and informational sphere, employees of plants, scientists, educators, managers, marketing experts, and logisticians.  How many medicines of high quality have been created owing to the diligent everyday work, how many new developments are waiting for us in future!

It is the great honor for me to express exceptional gratitude personally to every member of our unique team – National University of Pharmacy for selfless service, creative work and significant contribution to the development of NUPh and devotion to our Pharmacy. Life every time proves that the main and unchangeable fortune of the university is highly professional employees, which deserve the highest respect and recognition. We are deeply grateful for your labor!

It is very pleasant to congratulate colleagues and friends, lecturers and the new generation of students. And it is very pleasant to greet our former students – graduates of NUPh, whose success and professional victories the university is proud of. I would like you to remember: Your University, your lecturers are always glad to see you, your children and grandchildren – worthy successors to family pharmaceutical dynasties.

I cordially wish all colleagues, those who connect their lives with pharmacy, your families and friends peace and happiness, strong health, welfare and prosperity. Let this year become the period of new professional achievements, creative growth, prosperity and financial stability. Let this holiday fill our hearts with pride for our pharmacy, let our dreams and hopes for the bright future of our motherland Ukraine come true

Congratulations on our holiday, dear colleagues and friends!

Rector of the National University of Pharmacy,
corresponding member  of NAS of Ukraine
professor                                                                                                                                                              V.P.Chernykh

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On the third Saturday of September more than 350 000 representatives of pharmaceutical branch in Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday, which was established in 1999 owing to the participation of the whole pharmaceutical society of Ukraine on the initiative of NUPh (then National Academy of Pharmacy).

On September 15, on the Pharmacists’ day’s eve in the large hall of the M.V. Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic theatre of opera and ballet the celebration of the holiday and the concert with the participation of creative teams of NUPh cultural centre and a foreign guest Avraam Russo took place.

 To congratulate the representatives of one of the most noble professions there came the rector of the National University of Pharmacy professor Valentyn Petrovich Chernykh, head of Directorate general for healthcare of regional state administration Alexandr Viktorovich Galatsan, chairman of the permanent committee on healthcare, maternity, childhood and social protection of citizens of regional council Andrey Alekseevich Stronov, deputy mayor on healthcare and social protection Svetlana Alexandrovna Gorbunova-Ruban..

Flowers, honorary certificates, commemorative tokens “Pharmacist” and “Panacea” were presented to the best workers of pharmaceutical branch in Slobozhanschina.

Historically, Kharkiv region is the capital of Ukrainian pharmacy. Pharmaceutical branch is a powerful sector of economy in the region. 10 pharmaceutical enterprises are working in our region, they produce more than 700 drugs, which is a quarter of the national pharmaceutical market. National centre of education and science of the region is situated in Kharkiv.

Region and the city can boast of branched network of pharmacies. 814 pharmacies (including 16 pharmacies of community ownership), 255 pharmacy outlets, 253 pharmacy kiosks are involved in retail drug trade. Wholesale trade is maintained by 64 pharmacy depots.

Pharmacy information field in Kharkiv region is represented by five research-to-practice magazines.

List of NUPh employees

that were awarded prizes on account of Pharmacists’ Day in 2011

Honorary certificate of the Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine:

–            Bashura Alexandr Gennadievich – head of the department of cosmetology and aromology;

–            Dynnik Katerina Vitaljevna – associate professor of the department of analytical chemistry;

–            Zhuravel Irina Alexandrova – associate professor of the department of chemistry of natural compounds;

–            Kovalyova Alla Mikhailovna – professor of the department of pharmacognosy;

–            Kolesnik Viktor Petrovich – associate professor of the department of physical and colloid chemistry;

–            Onoprijcha Anna Mikhailovna – leading specialist of scientific-research section;

–            Osipenko Lidija Kirillovna – associate professor of the department of physical and colloid chemistry;

–            Podstrelova Zoya Fedorovna – deputy rector on personnel management;

–            Shkomarova Larisa Nikolaevna – first deputy chief accountant;

–            Shtrigol Sergey Yurjevich – professor of the departments of technology of drugs and clinical pharmacology with pharmaceutical care, Institute for qualification enhancement of pharmacy specialists.

–            Posylkina Olga Viktorovna – head of the department of management and economics of enterprise;

–            Levitin Yevgenij Yakovlevich – head of the department of inorganic chemistry;

–            Zaytsev Alexandr Ivanovich – head of the department of processes and equipment of chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Honorary certificate of Kharkiv regional state administration:

–   Vinnik Larisa Mikhailovna – deputy rector for scientific work;

Honorary certificate of executive board of Kharkov City Council:

Kovalenko Zoya Ivanovna – head of the department of fundamental and language training;

Honorary certificate of Association of Organizations of Medical and Microbiological Industry Employers of Ukraine:

Ruban Y.A. – head of the department of industrial technology of drugs;

–       Filimonova N.I. – head of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology;

–       Kovtun Yu.V. – associate professor of the department of cosmetology and aromology;

–       Sagaidak –Nikityuk R.M. – associate professor of the department of management and economics of enterprise

Honorary certificate “Kharkov regional association of pharmaceutical workers”:

1. Strelnikova Yulia Leonidovna assistant at the department of organization and economics in pharmacy,


“Best scientific worker” nomination

POLOVKO Natalia Petrovna – Doctor of Pharmacy, associate professor of the department of cosmetology and aromology

“Education” nomination

KALAYCHEVA Svetlana Georgievna – dean of the faculty of staged pharmaceutical education


KOVALYOV Vladimir Nikolaevich – head of the department of pharmacognosy

NUPh honorary certificate:

1. Karamyshev D.V., head of the department of management and administration

2. Zalyubovska O.I., head of the department of clinical and laboratory diagnostics

3.Tkachenko Y.V. leading specialist of scientific research section

4. Ulanova S.V. leading economist

5. Dvernitskaya V.I. , leading specialist of personnel office

6. Bistryagina O.V., head of the library

7. Krisanova I.I., leading specialist of educational work section

8. Gindina T.M. 1st catergry specialist of  maintenance section

9. Yushkevich S.F., specialist of maintenance section

10. Slyusarenko T.V., catering complex confectioner

11. Geyda M.M., catering complex cook

12.  Svidlo I.I., catering complex cook

13.Khristenko O.I., driver

14.  Stepkin V.I., driver

15.Marchenko V.A., driver

16. Pikhtina L.T., 1st category accountant


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