September 27, 2017, the exclusive pharmaceutical master-class Farm Money Fest, held in the city of Kharkiv

Head of the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Department Volodymyr Malyi and associate professors Marina Kobets, Olena Shuvanova, Svetlana Zhadko and masters of marketing took part in the first exclusive pharmaceutical master class Farm Money Fest, which took place on September 27, 2017 in Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv.

The event was intended for anyone who wants to improve their skills in the field of pharmaceutical business: the technique that drives sales, and as a consequence of increasing the average check, the selection of arguments and counterarguments when working with the client and improving the knowledge about the buyer’s psychotypes.

Answers were received from professionals both in business and in medicine. Everyone had the opportunity to confirm their professional knowledge and to receive a prize, becoming a member of the Brain Ring, which was held within the framework of the event. Membership certificates have been received.

Farm Money Fest was held in an interactive training format led by Yuriy Chertkov, a leading business trainer, director of the Medical Marketing Agency, and Natalia Molochek, a medical expert of the candidate of medical sciences.


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