Sports holiday dedicated to the World Health Day was held on April 7, 2015 in Sports Complex of the NUPh

Sports competitions and festivals, which remind people of the importance of sports and help them to be healthy, strong, agile and strong, are held around the globe. Health should be protected and worried about since the early years of life. Administration of the National University of Pharmacy always supports sports and sports mass movement.

Participation of the NUPh Rector, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine V.P. Chernykh, who himself leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports and shows an example for young people, in the sports festival dedicated to the World Health Day has already become a tradition.

In his welcome speech at the opening of the event V.P. Chernykh said: “We really pay much attention to health. Your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers always wanted you to be healthy. When a person is healthy, this person wants everything – to live and to enjoy the sun and to bring joy to others. In accordance to the new law “On education” and the cancellation of mandatory physical education classes, we increase the number of sports sections. You can select the kind of sport that you like.

Congratulations, dear friends, I wish you health, happiness, love! “

The celebration started with flash mob – mass physical exercises of students and teachers to the cheerful music. Approximately 350 students attended the celebration, 185 of whom took part in the flash mob (1st course students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty students and 1st course students of the specialty “Clinical Pharmacy”).

Before the start of the competition, Rector of the NUPh V.P. Chernykh demonstrated his strength, sports training and endurance. Valentyn Petrovych gave a master class on the lifting of pood (16 kg) weights in various ways (on the little finger, by so-called method “apeak”, juggling). L.M. Kantsedal – master of sports in rowing, Vice-Rector for administrative work – practiced lifting of the weights together with the Rector. Not everyone was able to repeat the Rector’s exercises!

Performance of the NUPh students in gymnastics and acrobatics was very spectacular. Their skills demonstrated – Master of Sports in Artistic Gymnastics Dmytro Voronkov (pharmacy, 1st course, group 23) and Candidate Master of Sports in Acrobatics Andriy Blyzhenskyi (technology of drugs, 1st course, group 1).

Sports competitions – main part of health holiday celebration. For the title of the best in the weightslifting tournament competed 8 students: Kyrylo Kudenko, Illia Kurlov, Stas Dumanov, Viacheslav Butenko, Sever Khairetdynov, Dmytro Krytov, Mukhailo Grubnyk, Anton Semenets. His power to raise the weights under the guidance of VP Black Teachers R.M. Zelensky (Department of Health and Physical Training), O.S. Shpychak (Department of Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs), O.M. Koshovyi   (Department of Pharmacognosy), O.O. Sliusarenko (Department of Health and Physical Training) demonstrated the strength in the lifting of weights under the direction of V.P. Chernykh.

Prizes places for students were as follows:

І place – Viacheslav Butenko, pharmacy, 1st course, group 13;

ІІ place – Anton Semenets, pharmacy, 1st course, group 19;

ІІІ place – Mukhailo Grubnyk, pharmacy, 1st course, group16.

The second competition was in tug-of-war between the teams of students and teachers. The team of students won because V.P. Chernykh himself helped them!

The team of students consisted of:

Ivan Romanenko, pharmacy, 1st course, group 13;

Dmytro Krasylia, management and economics, 1st course, group 13;

Bogdan Bondarenko, pharmacy, 2nd course, group 23;

Nazar Nazarov, pharmacy, 2nd course, group 23;

Vladyslav Kolesnyk, pharmacy, 2nd  course, group 23;

Vyacheslav Butenko, pharmacy, 1st course, group 13.

The team of teachers consisted of:

L.M. Kantsedal, Vice-Rector for AEW;

E.Yu. Akhmedov, Department of Analytical Chemistry;

S.V. Stepanenko, Department of Industrial Pharmacy;

O.O. Altukhov, Department of Analytical Chemistry;

G.N. Yurchenko, Department of Industrial Pharmacy;

P.S. Arzumanov, Department of Organic Chemistry;

O.M. Koshovyi, Department of Pharmacognosy

Rector of the NUPh awarded the winners of the weightlifting tournament with diplomas and medals; the team of students which won the tug-of-war competition – with a cup and all participants – with sweet prizes.

The holiday is over, but sport remains with us for a lifetime. The event, dedicated to the World Health Day, proved a good athletic training, and hence good health of both the students and the teachers of the NUPh.

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