Strizhachenko Alexander Vladimirovich

prof-strizhachenko_fotoStrizhachenko Alexander Vladimirovich


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I am author and coauthor over than 100 scientific works, author of 2 monographs:

1. “Measurement of anisotropic dielectrics on microwaves. Theoretical analysis, devices, methods” (2011);

2. “Frequency – separation devices for satellite communication systems” (2018), that was published in Germany;

3 copyright certificates and patents on an inventions.

Membership in professional associations. Member of the editorial board of “Journal of Networking and Telecommunications” (USA).


  • Frequency – separation devices for satellite communication systems/ А.V. Strizhachenko. – Lambert Academic Publishing.- Germany. – 2018. – 62 Р., ISBN 978-3-659-94729-2.

    Educational manual.

  • “Higher Mathematics and Statistics”: a methodical manual for students of higher pharmaceutical educational institutions under the general ed. prof. Strizhachenko A.V. / Diagileva F.G., Zhovtonizhko I. N., Krasovskiy I. V., Pogorelov S. V., Reshetnyak Yu. B., Strizhachenko A. V., Frolova N.A. – Kh., – 2018. – 242 p.



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