Students Scientific Society (SSS)

Address: 53, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv, 61002
Теl.: +38 (057) 706-30-71
Fax: +38 (057) 706-30-71

Head of SSS
Zatylnikova Olga Oleksandrivna, Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy, assistant of Department of Botany.

Principal of SSS

Kulikovska Kristina Yuriivna

The Students Scientific Society (SSS) is an important constituent of the University activity. SSS leads to professional training improvement, discovery of the most gifted youth.

The aim of Students Scientific Society is promotion of scientific world-view creation,  young scientists encouragement in getting knowledge in methodology and methods for scientific research. The productivity of students scientific work depends directly upon coordination of the all components of the professional training system, orientation of student’s needs and incentives in research-making from the first up to the last year of study and in personal approach to study process.

Concept of the SSS activity:

  • leadership of scientific creativity;
  • all members equality;
  • organic connection between study process and scientific research;

The main aims and tasks of SSS:

  • assistance to forming conditions for discovery scientific and creative potential of students;
  • searching for creative researchers among students, providing them with comprehensive assistance and support;
  • development of individual, creative capabilities, initiative approach to learning;
  • organization and development of inter-universities and international scientific and creative cooperation;
  • getting professional skills for working in the scientific-pedagogical and industrial fields;
  • assistance to introduction achievements of Pharmaceutical Sciences into practical Medicine and Pharmacy;
  • holding students scientific conferences;
  • assistance in publication of the best scientific works.

With the said aims the Students Scientific Society:

  • prepares proposals for development and improvement of scientific and creative students activity and presents it to the Scientific Council, Rectors Council and administrative subdivisions;
  • organizing of competitions for scholarship obtaining and others encouraging events;
  • presents candidates for getting personal scholarship and grants, provides proposals to the scientific Council, Rector’s council and management bodies of the faculties;
  • contacts with organization, enterprises and institutions which connect with the SSS activity.

Functions of SSS:

Ø   carrying out management and methodical materials regards to search andselection of creative youth for organization of its active participation in scientific researchers.

  • completion of scientific projects;
  • selection of the best Graduate papers and Degree Thesis and their popularization;
  • preparation for scientific conferences, school discussion sessions, practical courses, round tables for discussions.

Ø   making concrete proposals of improvement of scientific and methodical works with creative youth, activation of young people participation in scientific researches;

  • assistance with creation of groups and organizations of creative students, their effective activity;
  • study, summarizing and dissemination of advanced experience of higher education institutes in the field of organization of science-to-research work of students;
  • pursuing preliminary selection and approbation of the best students’ works and its submitting for competition;
  • coordination of university subsections regards to improvement of students’ scientific works.

Through realization of the key tasks of the Students Scientific Society students have a possibility:

  • direct conversation with supervisor;
  • learning how to work with scientific materials, laboratory equipment, and experimental animals;
  • getting experience in making public speech with reports;
  • participation in creation of new original substances, biologically active compounds, assimilation methods of analyses and standardization of medicines;
  • implementation of laboratory research, course papers and Diploma Thesis, with elements of scientific researches;
  • fulfillment of tasks for scientific researches during educational and practical training;
  • carrying-out separate research tasks on the instructions of supervisor;
  • analyzing and summarizing of experimental research data in reports, abstracts, articles, discoveries, etc.

Modern Students’ Scientific Society of the National University of Pharmacy includes 46 scientific groups of Departments, embraces above 700 students. In order to implement qualitative scientific works of students, Departmental groups joint on 16 different scientific directions:

Chemical and pharmacognostical departments:

  • Synthesis of physiologically active substances
  • Research of medical plants and development of phytopreparations
  • Drugs standardization. Pharmaceutical and chemical-toxicological analyses.

Medical, Biological and Clinical departments:

  • Pre-clinical pharmacological study on new drugs.
  • Topic issues of modern medicine and microbiology
  • Pathogenetic basics of Pharmacotherapy of Pathological states
  • Clinical trials. Pharmaceutical care.

Technological departments:

  • Industrial technology and its introduction into manufacturing of medicines.
  • Topic issues of extemporary prescription.

Administrative and economical departments:

  • Pharmaceutical-economical research of medicines
  • Management and Marketing in Pharmacy
  • Organization of economics of modern pharmaceutical branch ofUkraine.
  • Quality management in Pharmacy and Medicine inUkraine.

Departments for Social Science, Humanities, Physical and Math:

  • Іnnovative technologies in Pharmacy and medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical law and Forensic Pharmacy.
  • Social Science and Philology.

Students, who are members of the Scientific Students’ Society take active part in applied and fundamental scientific researches on basis of the University, writing Diploma Thesis that is a fragment of initiative and searching subjects.

Scientific and research work of students as professionals in future is a point of a great importance and a deep respect of teaching staff of the University, which today became an integral element of educational process and training of students youth, with creation of appropriate scientific skills and talents of organizators of scientists.

NUPh Students’ Scientific Society holds All-Ukrainian science-to-practice annual conference «Topic Issues of new drugs creation», which in the 2007-2008 academic year became a scientific event not only for students but also for young scientists. Scientific research data are published at the book of collected abstracts and reports by University Publishing House. The best scientific works of SSS members every year participate at different scientific competitions and get awards.

Every student can be a member of University Students Scientific Society, who is urge towards improve their knowledge, and also take part in scientific research providing. Since student gets a success in scientific and educational activity he obtaines recommendations for further postgraduate training.

As the Postgraduate training department stated, 95% of graduate and postgraduate students during their studies at the University were members of departmental study groups.

One of the important achievements of our University is the increased number of students interested in scientific research. Students consider the scientific activity to be prestigious.

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