Оn December 4, 2019, the solemn event «NUPh Student Initiation Ceremony» was held for the freshers of the Foreign Citizens Training Department in the chemical and technological building of NUPh

The sublime and festive atmosphere prevailed in the hall. Before the official part, happy students were taking pictures with their new teachers, putting their fingerprints on the commemorative «Freshman – 2019» poster.

The rector of NUPh, prof. A.A. Kotvitska, First Vice-Rector, Associate Professor A.I. Fedosov, Dean of the Foreign Citizens Training Department, Associate Professor S.G. Kalaicheva.

The event was broadcast online enabling the parents, family and friends of students from all over the world to join the holiday. With their own eyes, they saw the ceremony when their children were initiated to students in Ukrainian Kharkiv, and had the opportunity to greet the freshmen.

Music and dance numbers of the NUPh Cultural Center creative groups became the first step for foreign students to become acquainted with the traditions of the University and Ukrainian culture.


More photos in the album


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