Student self-government

Student self-government  – is an independent public activity of the students on the implementation of university management functions.

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The Structure of the Student Parliament of the National University of Pharmacy

Student self-government expresses the interests of the students studying at the university regardless of race, political, religious or other beliefs.

In their activities, student self-government bodies are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Statute of the National University of Pharmacy and this Regulation
The Members of the Student Parliament of the National University of Pharmacy and the representatives of the councils of the faculties form 10% of the elected representatives of the Academic Council of the University.
The goal of Student self-government is to create conditions for the self-realization of the students′ individualities and the formation of their organizational skills, leadership qualities, responsibility for the result of their work.

The main tasks of student self-government bodies are:

  • protection of the students’ rights and interests;
  • ensuring students fulfill their duties- facilitating educational, scientific and creative activities of the students;
  • assistance in improving the living conditions and rest of the students;
  • facilitating the creation of various student groups and associations;
  • cooperation  with student self-government bodies of other institutions of higher education;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • participation in solving international student exchange issues.

Student self-government is based on the following principles:– voluntariness, collegiality, legality and openness;

  • equal and decisive participation of Student Self-Government members;
  • activity, amateur and creative initiative;
  • openness and publicity- democracy;
  •  humanization and establishment of partnership between the administration and students self-government, between faculty and student groups;
  • the diversity of student self-government forms at all levels;
  • accounting of students ‘individual interests and peculiarities;

The main functions of Student Self-Government are:

  • protection and representation of students’ rights and interests;
  • facilitating the public, social and professional self-realization of students,
  • providing proposals for improving the quality of education, taking into account the students’ scientific and professional interests;
  • organizing scientific, cultural, sports, health and other activities-provides the activities aimed at the increase of consciousness of students, their demands to the level of their knowledge, the education  of patriotism;
  • informing the students about the decisions of the administration concerning students;
  • facilitating the cooperation and exchange of experience with students from other institutions of higher education and the youth organizations, including foreign and international.

The activity of the Parliament are divided into sectors:

Information sector: organizes information provision and sociological polls of the students, forms and supports a united informational student space.

Sector of international and interuniversity relations: promotes the implementation of interuniversity students connections, cooperates with the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work; participates in solving of the international student relations issues.

Volunteer Sector: coordinates work aimed at forming active citizenship position among students, in particular, a volunteer movement, directs and coordinates the work of the youth of the university, cooperates with the vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, dean’s offices, structural units and organizations;

Sports sector: solves the issues of organization of physical education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, cooperates with the vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, the head of the department of physical education and other structural units and organizations;

Sector of compatriots: coordinates the establishment of cooperation between domestic and foreign students, promotes the creation of a united student space in the National University of Pharmacy, cooperates with the Department of International Affairs, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Foreign Students Preparedness, foreign fraternity, Department of language training of foreign citizens and the Department of Foreign Languages.

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