Scientific developments

 Scientific and research activity of the University covers all priority areas of fundamental and applied researches in the field of pharmacy, including:

2021 year


Mastered (planned, tested) industrial production or included in the long-term development plan of production 8
Made in a pharmacy 4
Phase 2 clinical trials 2
Phase 1 clinical trials 1
Complete pre-clinical studies 24
Preclinical studies of original drugs continue 51
New medications that started to be developed 15


Scientific developments of  the National University of Pharmacy Medicines. Reference book .1991-2010

Reference book performs functions which allow representatives of pharmaceutical and medical industry review developments of NUPh and identify potential opportunities for further joint mutually beneficial cooperation in the creation, production and realization of medicinal products. Reference book is intended for academicians and practitioners in the field of development, manufacturing and realization of medicinal products, as well as for students, masters and postgraduates of pharmaceutical and medical higher educational institutions.


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