Medicines introduced into manufacture


Foam formation sticks for veterinary using

Antisept-apy is used for prevention and treatment of endometritis at  cattle. (In details)

Apiprost Apiprostum (Capsules)

апіпростApiprost is applied at acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis in complex therapy with antibiotics, a chronic abacterial prostatitis, inflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome, noninflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome (prostatodynia), asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. Prevention of relapses of acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic abacterial prostatitis. (In details)

Artifleks Arthiflex (Cream of external use)

Medicine is used in therapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by signs of inflammation, swelling and pain, degenerative-dystrophic changes in cartilage of joints and spine, reducing the mobility of the joints (osteoarthritis, low back pain and intervertebral Atropat). (In details)

Filmforming aerosol with phenolic hydrophobic medicine of propolis


Medicine if intended for prevention and treatment of radial affection of skin and mucous membrane in medical radiology.(In details)

гастролікGastrolik Gastrolicum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Gastrolik is used in the therapy of spastic pain in the stomach and intestines, to normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract. (In details)



Inphlarax is used in treating of septic wounds in 1st phase of wound process; postoperative complications (septic wounds, fistula, phlegmon, abscesses), prevention of pyogenesis of local and deep wounds; for prevention and treating of septic burn wounds; for treating of septic-inflammatory diseases of skin (pyodermia). (In details)

нерволікNevrolik Nevrolicum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Medicine is used in complex therapy of disorders of the nervous system as a sedative for nervous anxiety, insomnia, stress, nervousness cardiovascular. (In details)

Phenolic hydrophobic medicine of Propolis

Praeparati propolis phenolici hydrophobic

Medicine is used as biologically active substance in technology of medicinal forms of factory and chemist’s preparation. (In details)

Phenolic hydrophilic medicine of Propolis

Praeparati propolis phenolici hydrophilici

Medicine is used as biologically active substance in technology of medicinal forms of factory and chemist’s preparation. (In details)

Pollenaza Pollenazum

Substance is used as a biologically active substance technology of medicinal forms of factory and chemist’s preparations. (In details)

Propolin Propolinum


прополин“Propolin” it used for chronic diffuse diseases of a liver, functional disorders of the liver, functional disorders of the liver after therapy by antitubercular drugs and antibiotics, for alcoholic hepatopathies, for persistent hepatites, for hyperbilirubinemia with dyskinetic disorders, as well as a radioprotectant to treat stomach ulcers. (In details)

Настойка прополисуPropolis tincture

Tinctura propolisi

Propolis tincture is used as a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory agent with microtrauma and superficial lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, otitis media, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, periodontal diseases, etc. (In details)

Propolis Propolisum

Propolis suppositories are recommended as anti-inflammatory, regenerative and analgesic agent for treatment and prevention of proctitis, anal fissures, inflammatory gynecological diseases, and nonhealing surgical wounds of the perineum. (In details)

Gutta propomix
(Eye drops)

Medicine is used in penetrating and not penetrating wounds of the cornea, thermal and chemical burns of the conjunctiva and cornea of І – ІІІ, surface trauma and infectious keratitis, conjunctivitis, and as means to stimulate of regeneration processes after lamellar and penetrating keratoplasty. (In details).

 Propomizol Propomizolum


Propomizol apply at sharp and chronic rhinitises, pharyngitises, laryngitises, chronic tonsillitises, sharp respiratory diseases. (In details)

РавісолRavisol Ravisolum

Ravisol is used for treatment of atherosclerosis, vegetovascular dystonia (in a complex therapy). Headache, faintness; for a memory, for attention concentration, and also for systemic conditions. Medicine is used diluted. Before application of medicine and during a patient used standard hypo-cholecterinic diet. While application the hepatic function is checked. (In details).

тонілік  Tonilik Tonilicum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Tonilik is used as a means of multivitamin at hypo-and avitaminosis, as a means of boosting the body’s resistance in infectious processes. (In details)

уролік  Urolek Urolekum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Medicine is used in complex therapy of inflammation of the bladder and kidney, kidney stones kidney function to normalize the urinary tract. (In details)

 ваголік Vagolik Vagolicum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Medicine is used as a diuretic and cholagogue for prophylaxis in the complex therapy for the normalization of metabolism, particularly glucose and lipid, reduce appetite, to improve the functional condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Strengthen excretory function of the intestine. (In details)

 воспалік Vospalik Vospalicum

(Medicinal plant collection)

Medicine is used in complex therapy of functional diseases of the digestive tract and as external application for inflammations of the mouth, gynecological and urological diseases (douching, lotions, etc.). (In details)

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