Cultural Centre

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The Cultural Centre of the National Pharmaceutical University is the territory of creativity, friendship, implementation of ideas and the disclosure of the students’ opportunities!

The Cultural Centre (CC) is a special way of life. It is an opportunity to live studentship creatively, brightly, interesting, rich and useful for the university. CC is a place of different generations students’ informal communication . It is a peculiar creative centre where artistic abilities and talents are realized, new friends are found, joy and creativity failures are recognized.

Taking part in students’ life is a guarantee of success, recognition and disclosure of their own talents. We have a place for everyone in the cultural center. We are always glad to help your talent find your fan!

We are open to cooperation! We will be glad to create any new creative project with you. Show must go on!!!

The cultural centre has been headed by Moskalenko Olena Petrivna since 1997.

The main task of CC is creating of favourable conditions for leisure, development of creativity, self-realization, raising the level of culture and efficient usage of students’ creativity. The cultural centre is engaged in the organization and holding of cultural events in NUFh. In addition, it actively participates in the volunteer movement. Students with great pleasure attend the boarding school № 8, whose pupils are children with special needs, who are required to be paid special attention, always expect their friends from NUPh.

In the cultural centre there are creative workshops for the development of creative abilities of students, where you can come to the student and teacher at any time of the school term and become an active participant in the groups:

Folk dance ensemble “Paradise” – the leader is Kalashnyk Yevhenia. Contemporary dance, modern, humorous and theme compositions are in the repertoire of the team. On the city squares and in the native university you can see plastic and musical, bright and beautiful girls from “Paradise”. In 2006 the collective was awarded the honourary title “People’s Amateur Team of Trade Unions of Ukraine”, which is successfully confirmed every three years.

Studio of ballroom dance «Non Stop» – the choreographer-designer is Bondariev Andrii, the choreographer-tutor is Lisniak Olha – they are masters of sport of the international class on sport-ballroom dances, dancers-professionals. The team of the studio gives its creativity not only in the walls of the university, but also represents our university during municipal, regional and all-Ukrainian competitions. The studio “NON STOP” is an inflammatory Latin, which does not leave doubts that you should be in this team if you like to dance beautifully.

The ensemble of folk song “Gerdan” – the head is Shabaltas Tetiana . There are concert activities, development of vocal abilities, the study of Rudiments of Music, the outreach of the Ukrainian folk song and national traditions, as well as the presentation of NUFPh during the international contests. Today there is no event that can exist without this team. The music group has a rich repertoire, where there are Ukrainian songs, folk, humour. The music group works hard and successfully with the dancers of the cultural centre.

The studio of pop music “Exclusive” – ​​the head is Lozhnikova Svitlana. Concerts, contests, festivals, joint projects with various creative groups are held in the cultural centre. Sometimes students- soloists get together in bright vocal projects: trio, quartets. All of them win the viewer’s love. In 2008 the team of the studio of pop singing “Exclusive” was awarded the honourary title “People’s Amateur Music Group of Trade Unions of Ukraine”, which is successfully confirmed every three years.

Cover band “K-on” – the leader is Suprunov Mark. You can find new ideas, new names, new ambitions. Bright performances are provided, if you own the game on musical and loud instruments. A great number of plans will be definitely implemented in interesting projects!

NonsoloAcoustic trio “Nonsolo” – leader is Suprunov Mark. Bright compositions, the world of popular music, together with the singers of the studio “Exclusive” or other groups are exciting and exciting. The process of preparation is complicated, but participation in concerts, applause of the audience, where there are the teachers of the native pharmaceutical university, give an opportunity to create beautiful projects.

The theater of Students’ Miniature “Image” – the leader is Leontev Vlad. There are the “brain storm”, and the generation of ideas, and experiment, and a sense of their own involvement in events in public life of the NUPh and in the students’ environment.The participants of the music group take part in the organization of conferences, exhibitions, congresses, presentations, meetings of VIP-guests, delivery of flowers, valuable gifts, diplomas, etc. The program includes: the lessons of a defile, choreography lessons, stylistics, course of protocol etiquette, participation in fashion shows and hairstyles.

KVN(“Club of the smart and the merry”) – the leader is Leontev Vlad. We try to support any manifestation of students’ talent, vocal skills, the ability to joke and write jokes. During the rehearsals an experiment is taken place every day, where small performances, scenes, miniatures are created by trial and error method, where interesting people find points of contact, common interests and ways of expression.

“Art project” – the head is Moskalenko Olena. You will be able to draw, master the fake props, create scenery decoration, sew costumes with the improvised material in this team. Work experience suggests that young people’ fantasy is virtually limitless and there is a creative atmosphere.

The Studio “Plus”– the head is Tykhomyrov Roman. Do you want to greet friends, mother or teacher with your song? Do you want to create your own audio album? There is a lot of interesting! Come and do!

Classes in study groups are free! All those who want to be charged with positive energy and just have a good time can take part in any event.

Do you want to be at the forefront of a bright student life? Join us!












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