Students’ scientific society (SSS)

Address: 61002, Kharkiv, Pushkins’ka St., 53,
Phone /fax: (057) 706-30-71

Chairman of SSS NUPh: Chornovolenko Kyrylo

List of SSS assets

Name Data
1. Chornovolenko Kyrylo (chairman) 4th year student of the 2nd group, Pharmaceutical faculty
2. Yakhno Tetyana Andriivna (Deputy Chairman) 3rd year student of the 1st group, Pharmaceutical faculty
3. Karnaukh Denis Viktorovich (secretary) 3rd year student of the 9th group, Pharmaceutical faculty
4. Bogdan Anatoliyovych Zahinaichenko 4th year student of the 1st group, Pharmaceutical faculty
5. Purykina Nona Yuriivna 3rd year student of the 1st group, Pharmaceutical faculty
6. Shanava Diana Leriyivna 2nd year student of the 3rd group, Pharmaceutical faculty
7. Chubaryan Julia Ivanovna 4th year student of the 1st group, Pharmaceutical faculty
8. Caprior Ivan Alexandrovich 2nd year student of the 9th group, Pharmaceutical faculty
9. Shmaliy Elena Igorevna 5th year student, 7th group of the Pharmaceutical faculty

Competition “The best student scientific society of NUPh”

Dear students! We invite you to participate in the annual competition “The best student scientific society of NUPh”, which is introduced by the National University of Pharmacy.

The Competition will be held in the following nominations:

  • “The best student scientific society of the department”;
  • “The best scientific supervisor of SSS”;
  • “The best scientist of SSS”.

Scientific and pedagogical workers who supervise the scientific work of SSS members and applicants for higher education engaged in scientific activities are invited to participate in the Competition.

To participate in the Competition, you must submit documents by November 25, 2021 to the e-mail address:  with the indication in the letter: “Competition The best scientific student society of NUPh” with clarification of the nomination of the Competition.

List of conferences: Life Sciences, available at the link

The Student Scientific Society (SSS) is an integral part of the activities of NUPh and contributes to the improvement of professional training, identification of gifted youth.

The purpose of the student scientific society is to form a scientific worldview, to help young researchers to master the methodology and methods of scientific research.

Work plan of the student scientific society for 2021/2022.

Term of carrying out Name of events
During the year Updating the composition and structure of SSS
During the year Regular updating and maintenance of up-to-date information on the

functioning of the SSS (Update of the SSS WEB-page on the NUPh website)

December 7-8, 2021 Holding of the All-Ukrainian scientific practical conference with

international participation “YOUTH PHARMACY SCIENCE”,

Competition “The best student scientific society of NUPh”

April 19-21, 2021 Organization and preparation of the XIX International scientific-practical

conference of students and young scientists “Current issues of creating

new drugs”

During the year Holding meetings, workshops and reporting meetings and conferences for

young scientists

During the year Organization and holding of joint meetings of SNT and responsible persons for scientific work of departments with students for the purpose of definition

of vectors of development of SNT of departments

During the year Organization and holding of presentations of SNT representatives for

junior students

During the year Organization and holding of seminars, workshops and round tables with the involvement of external stakeholders
During the year Informing SSS members about the possibility of participating in

All-Ukrainian and International scientific student conferences, seminars,

competitions and exhibitions of student works, Olympiads and international

scientific exchange programs, the possibility of receiving scientific grants

 When implementing the tasks of SSS students have the opportunity to:

  • learn to work with scientific literature, laboratory equipment, with experimental animals;
  • gain experience of public speaking with reports;
  • take part in creation of new original substances, biologically active substances, to master methods of the analysis and standardization of medicines;
  • perform laboratory, course and diploma works that contain elements of scientific research;
  • perform research tasks during production and training practice;
  • analyze and summarize the results of experimental research in the form of reports, abstracts, articles, inventions, etc.

The modern student scientific society of NUPh consists of:  SSS circles working at each of the departments of NUPh and uniting more than 1000 students, among them – more than 300 foreign students.

To ensure high-quality scientific work of students, the cathedral circles are united in 5 scientific directions:

Chemical and pharmacognostic departments:

  • Synthesis of physiologically active substances
  • Research of medicinal plants and creation of phytopreparations
  • Drug standardization. Pharmaceutical and chemical-toxicological analysis

Medical and biological, clinical departments:

  • Preclinical pharmacological study of drugs
  • Modern aspects of pharmaceutical microbiology and immunology
  • Pathogenetic bases of pharmacotherapy of pathological conditions
  • Clinical trials. Pharmaceutical care
  • Genetic research, possibilities of use in practice of medicine and pharmacy
  • Physiology in medicine and pharmacy: current issues and current achievements
  • Laboratory research in clinical medicine

Technological departments:

  • Industrial technology and introduction into the production of medicines
  • Topical issues of extemporaneous formulation
  • Technology of perfumes and cosmetics
  • Modern biotechnology

Economic and managerial departments:

  • Pharmacoeconomic studies of drugs
  • Management and marketing in pharmacy
  • Socio-economic research in pharmacy
  • Quality management in the pharmaceutical sector of the healthcare sector
  • Commodity science

Social, humanitarian, physical and mathematical departments:

  • Information technologies in pharmacy and medicine
  • Pharmaceutical law and forensic pharmacy
  • Social sciences and philology
  • Psychological and pedagogical principles of becoming a future specialist in modern free economic zones

SSS, together with the Council of Young Scientists, annually holds a  scientific-practical conference “Topical issues of creating new drugs” , which since 2012 has acquired international status. The results of scientific research are published in the Collection of abstracts of the NUPh publishing house. The priority language of the conference is English.

Every student who has a desire to deepen their knowledge, as well as to take part in research work can become a member of SSS.

Upon success in scientific and educational activities, a member of the SSS receives recommendations for admission to graduate school. According to the Department of Postgraduate Studies, 95% of undergraduates and graduate students during their studies at NUPh were members of the SSS department’s scientific societies.

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