Students’ scientific society (SSS)

Address: 53, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv 61002

Теl.: (057) 706-30-71

Fax: (057) 706-30-71


SSS members

Full name Position
1 Nemirovsky Sergey Anatolyevich ·         The headman of the SSS NUPh
2 Ferenchuk Yulia Yurievna ·         The vice-headman of the SSS NUPh
3 Borisenko Iryna Vladimirovna ·         Secretary of the SSS NUPh
4 Dorovsky Dmitry Alekseevich Member of the board SSS NUPh
5 Reus Arthur Vladimirovich Member of the board SSS NUPh
6 Koval Julia Sergeevna Member of the board SSS NUPh
7 Ursolov Artem Aleksandrovich Member of the board SSS NUPh
8 Sereda Elizaveta Ruslanivna Member of the board SSS NUPh

Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) is the valuable part of scientific work for the National University of Pharmacy. SSS is important for our students in order to become highly-skilled professionals, and it also helps to find and encourage gifted youth. SSS have been working in each department for 70 years already. Today more than 1000 students and foreign students too, attend different Students’ Scientific Societies.

For the results of their scientific work the best students are given scholarships of the President of Ukraine, of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, of Kharkiv regional state administration and others.

SSS members, who achieve the highest results in scientific and educational work, receive recommendations for postgraduate course entering.

Each student can become the SSS member, especially those who wants to participate in research work, to develop knowledge and practical skills.

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