Young Scientists Council

Tel: (057) 706-30-71

The head of the NUPh Young Scientists’ Council: Yelyzaveta V. Zuikina

Assistant of the Drug Technology Department, doctor of philosophy (PhD), executive secretary of the scientific journal ‘News of Pharmacy’.

Scientific direction: drug technology, development of extemporaneous soft dosage forms.

Thesis: ‘Experimental justification of emulsion bases usage in extemporaneous semi-solid drugs’.

Publications: Co-author of 6 scientific-methodical publications, 15 scientific articles, 1 of them listed in Scopus, 44 abstracts, 3 information letters, 2 patents of Ukraine for a utility model.

Council of Young Scientists of National University of Pharmacy (CYS of NUPh) was created in April 2011 on a voluntary basis to bring together young scientists of NUPh – graduate students, teachers, employees, applicants (under 35 years old), doctoral students (under 40 years old) to express their interest in the professional field and resolving the most important social and economic problems.

The aim the Council of Young Scientists work is:

  • representation, protection and realization of professional intellectual, legal and socio-economic interests and rights of young scientists of NUPh in administration, public organizations and mass media;
  • support and coordination activities for teaching and scientific fields as well as in institutions separated units, which aims to develop scientific initiatives of young scientists, their qualification growth and consolidation of young specialists in NUPh.

Young Scientists Council operates on principles:

  • freedom of scientific creativity;
  • voluntary, collegiality, openness;
  • equality rights of young scientists in the Council.

Council, with Student Scientific Society, conducts annual scientific-practical conference “Actual issues of new drugs”, which in 2012 acquired the status of International. The results of research published in the Collection of abstracts publishing NUPh. Priority conference language is English.

 Dear colleagues!

Council of Young Scientists open for dialogue and ready for cooperation and partnership. We wish you success and hope that you are invited to active work in Council at your personal achievements, and participation in the organizational and educational, scientific and integrative work of Council.


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