100th anniversary of National University of Pharmacy

Information message


Dear colleagues, students, friends!

The National University of Pharmacy will celebrate its 100th anniversary on 10 September 2021.

Time passes quickly. History records the Uniqueness of each day, decade and era.

The last century has been more than eventful. Politics, means of transport, communication, and society have all changed under the influence of global trends. And, of course, higher education has changed, adapting, overcoming challenges, shaping new scientific principles and educational foundations.

Having passed the test of ten decades and the storms of life, the National University of Pharmacy remains the only one in Ukraine, having transformed into a powerful scientific and educational complex. Today, our University is a national brand, marked by a high reputation and excellent quality.

The history of the University is mostly the life stories of the people who created it, built it and lived its life. It is due to enthusiasts and personalities who love pharmacy that we are proud today of maintaining the connection between generations and the ongoing educational and scientific traditions.

As we begin the preparations for the 100th anniversary, we have no doubt that our students, teachers, alumni and partners will join us in celebrating this important occasion – all those who are dedicated to the principles of the pharmaceutical profession, as for the vast majority of pharmaceutical professionals in Ukraine, our University was the starting point for the profession. Many outstanding personalities have come out of the auditoriums of the National University of Pharmacy over the centuries, making its name famous for their achievements. Your Alma Mater is proud of you, dear alumni!

May the new century bring the University to a new level of development – surely and quickly!

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