Tel./fax: Tel.: (057) 706-30-62


Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work
Vladymyrova Inna Nikolaevna, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, professor
Tel.: (057) 706-30-71

Scientific and research activities of the University is an integral part of the educational activities and carried out to integrate scientific, educational and production activities in higher education.


Main directions of activities

  • Training of the teaching staff
  • Scientific and organizational activities
  • Information support of scientific and technical activities
  • Metrological support of educational and scientific processes
  • Patent and information activities
  • Encouragement of the leading and young scientists of the University for achievements in science through nomination for state, regional, provincial, municipal prizes, scholarships, etc
  • Support and management of the Student Scientific Society and the Council of Young Scientists of the University
  • Preparation of information publications on scientific achievements of the University scientists
  • Detection of cases of academic plagiarism

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