National University of Pharmacy

university of pharmacyThe history of pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and connects with the Kharkiv Imperial University establishing, where a pharmaceutical laboratory was opened in 1812.

Almost a hundred years later, in 1921, in Kharkiv, which was a capital then, the first pharmaceutical institute was opened, which today, in the 21st  century, under the brand “National University of Pharmacy”remains to be the only institution of higher education in the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine.

The educational process of the University is carried out in 6 fields of knowledge and in 8 specialties in educational qualification levels as follows: junior specialist, specialist, educational degrees “bachelor”, “master”, educational-scientific degree of PhD.

The University’s staff equals almost 2 thousand of employees, including 608 scientific and pedagogical workers. 91% of scientific and pedagogical staff have scientific degrees.

In the structure of the University, except 4 faculties and 40 departments, there are also Institute of Qualification Improvement for Pharmacists, NUPh College, 5 Scientific and Research Laboratories, Clinical Diagnostic Center with Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, Scientific and Methodological Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 24 training laboratories, Center of distance learning technologies, Scientific library, Botanic garden, Sport and Health complex, Catering complex.

The National University of Pharmacy is a member of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP), the Federation of International Pharmacists (FIP), the Magna Charta Universitatum, the International Association of Universities (IAU). University researchers have individual membership in 55 professional organizations.

The international educational-scientific partnership is carried out with 77 institutions from 35 countries.

There are 22 scientific schools working at NUPh, scientists have created 161 drugs, three specialized scientific councils in the field of scientific specialties work: «Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy», «Pharmacology»; «Technology of Drugs, Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Forensic Pharmacy», «Standardization and Organization of Medicines manufacturing».

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