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Welcome to the web-reception of the National University of Pharmacy. Here, you can ask questions to the university’s rector, admissions experts, legal and psychological services, as well as the authorized person for preventing and detecting corruption.

The Rector of NUPh, Prof. Kotvitska A.A., will respond to any questions you have regarding the university’s activities.

The admissions committee will provide answers to questions about admission conditions, tuition fees, enrollment deadlines, and more.

The legal department is ready to offer legal consultations regarding education, employment, and residence in dormitories.

The practicing psychologist  is available to assist you in resolving psychological issues, overcoming stress, building self-confidence, and acquiring self-presentation skills.

The authorized person for preventing and detecting corruption will provide methodological and advisory support on compliance with anti-corruption legislation.

Every inquiry you make is important to us!

Questions for the Rector

Questions for the Admissions Committee
Questions for the Legal Counsel
Questions for the Psychologist
Questions for the Authorized Person for Preventing and Detecting Corruption





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