Ukraine is an East European state that is situated mostly on the East European plains. It is bordered by the Russian Federation to the east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the south.

The territory of Ukraine is 603,549 thousands square kilometres. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine is a unitary state composed of 24 oblasts (regions), one autonomous republic (Crimea), and two cities with special status (Kiev and Sebastopol).

Total population is 41 953 020 people, 77.8 percent of whom are ethnic Ukrainians, with sizable minorities of Russians, Belarusians, Romanians, Moldavians, Hungarians, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Jews. The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian.

Ukraine is a country with developed scientific and industrial system, a member of the World Trade Organization and the Council of Europe. National and economic complex of the country includes such industries as metallurgy, machinery, instrumentation and aerospace, processing, chemical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing of agricultural products.

Ukraine has the largest system of higher education. There are 1000 educational establishments of different levels of accreditation and about 2.5 million students, among them foreign students from 130 countries.

The climate in Ukraine is similar to the wheat-producing regions of Canada and is characterized by abundant precipitation and cloudy skies, especially in fall and winter. The average temperature in summer is +25 C and in winter –5 C.

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