Rules of behaviour for higher education applicants at NUPh

Student has a right to:

  • dignity to be respected;
  • get education according to state educational standards and academic curriculum of the University;
  • use libraries and informational resources of University for free;
  • get complementary services (including paid ones );
  • take part in all kinds of research works, conferences and symposiums of NUPh;
  • get the complete information connected with education;
  • use academic freedom of speech and thought, express  opinion and views concerning science, social and cultural questions if there is no contradiction with legislation of Ukraine and  standard acts of NUPh;
  • be supplied with healthy and safe conditions during education process.

Student is obliged:

  • execute all financial duties, which are defined in the contract for education;
  • execute the decisions of self-government authorities, rector’s orders, directions of  vice-rector and  dean of the department;
  • do tasks that are set by educational program: attend all kinds of classes, to be in time for classes; pass all the controlling tests according to educational plan;
  • in case of failure to appear at classes a student should report dean’s office about this  and give a document, which explains the reason of missing the classes (in case of illness student must give a certificate witnessed by students polyclinic);
  • to wear white smock during lectures and studies;
  • not to use any type of mobile connection during studies;
  • show student’s card at the entrance to any of the University’s buildings;
  • not to allow any corrections or additions to student’s cards, individual educational plans, references or any other documents;
  • greet teachers rising  up at his entrance into the classroom;
  • go in and out of the classroom during the classes upon teacher’s permission only;
  • to behave with respect to other students, teachers and other workers of the University: do not use rude words, expressions  or outrages that can offense any of them;
  • be careful with University’s property (stock, furniture, computers, laboratories  and classrooms’ equipment, reading halls, public spaces, books, teaching aids, working clothes, etc.);
  • keep up the cleanness and order in all educational buildings of NUPh;
  • observe rules of behavior in dormitory, instructions demands on safety techniques and fire safety (smoking on the territory of NUPh is severely forbidden).


      Useful advice:

  • Always take your passport with you;
  • Write down phone numbers of police and dean’s office;
  • Let the parents know your address and address of the University. Arrange with them a special code, mentioning of which will signalize of your being in danger;
  • Do not pay attention to aggressive people;
  • Be careful at acquaintances with new people;
  • Have a walk at daytime; Do not go outside without serious reason during mass festivities in the city;
  • Keep on a distance from a new people when first meeting. Do not stare at them.
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