2013 (textbooks, manuals, lectures)

Pharmaceutical chemistry_ Lectures_2013Pharmaceutical chemistry. Lectures for english-speaking students: the study guide for students of higher schools / V. A. Georgiyants [et al.] ; ed. by: V. A. Georgiyants, P. O. Bezugly ; NUPh. – Kharkiv : NPhaU : Original, 2013. – 528 p.

The study guide contain the main theoretical material in pharmaceutical chemistry. The general methods of pharmaceutical analysis (reactions for identification of ions, limit tests for impurities and methods of assay) are in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. The lecture course of pharmaceutical chemistry involves analysis for medicinal substances of the inorganic, aliphatic, aromatic, heterocyclic structure and natural origin.

Basics of bioethics and biosafety 2013Basics of bioethics and biosafety: manual for students of higher schools / V. A. Moroz [et al.] ; ed. by V. A. Moroz ; NUPh. – Kharkiv : NUPh: Golden Pages, 2013. – 127 p.

 The manual provides material for self-training in the discipline “Basics of Bioethics and Biosafety”. It is intended for individual study of students in higher schools of the II-IV levels of accreditation. It is of interest for medical and pharmaceutical professionals (doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, etc.).

Information Technology in Pharmacy 2014Information technology in pharmacy: manual for students of higher schools / Yu. M. Penkin [et al.] ; NUPh. – Kharkiv : NUPh: Golden Pages, 2013. – 352 p.

Hygiene in pharmacy 2013Hygiene in pharmacy: manual for foreign students of higher schools / O. S. Kalyuzhnaya [et al.] ; NUPh. – 2nd ed., supplemented and revised. – Kharkiv : NUPh: Golden Pages, 2013. – 223 p.

Drogovoz , S. M. Pharmacology at your palms: reference book / S. M. Drogovoz , T. A. Kutsenko ; NUPh. – Kharkiv : NPhaU, 2013. – 78 p.

Toryanik, L. Speak English with us:[textbook for university students] / L. A. Toryanik ; NUPh. – Kharkiv : NPhaU, 2013. – 152 p.

The little book of sayings: [textbook for university students] / L. Toryanik [et al.] ; NUPh, Dep. Foreign Languages. – Kharkiv : NPhaU, 2013. – 65 p.

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