On April 3, 2014, holiday “Нumorous show. Spring marathon” was held in the NUPh

It has become a tradition of the National University of Pharmacy to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Without any directive! And it is celebrated with fun!

All collectives of the Cultural Center and members of the University Club of the Funny and Inventive (CFI) were scrupulously preparing for this holiday. Although this day is carefree and cheerful, the approach to its celebration should be responsible. Still, humor is a serious thing!

Honorable guests and judges of our holiday: Director of the Department of  Family, Youth and Sports of Kharkiv city council Kostiantyn Anatoliiovych Loboichenko; assistant director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sport Alina Petrivna Pomazan; head of the dancing center «Step Up» Victoriia Pechenezhska; composer, author and pop song singer Roman Tykhomyrov; Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy, former head of the creative association of CFI teams of the NUPh (1997-2004) Yulia Anatoliiovna Fedchenkova; Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacy-based technology of drugs Oleg Sergiiovych Shpychak.

CFI teams “Tymurivtsi”, “Kuvalda” (“Sledgehammer”), “ХХХL” and “Etalon” (“Sample”) competed for the victory and “ran” the program of “Spring Marathon” in four competitive rounds:

– Greeting “Spring! Students are celebrating!”. In this round teams were heartily joking, each one in its style, and this pleased the jury immensely.

– Warm-up “Spring relapse”. Comic questions and answers of CFI teams brought to tears not only the audience, but the jury, which, of course, affected the marks.

– Student Theater of Variety Miniatures “Getting to know…. “. There were spring acquaintances new car brands, and loving grandma of the boyfriend, and with popular fitness trainer Edward, and even with the police.

– Musical Competition “Spring fantasy”. Students’ fantasy amazed with the number of topics, to which they devote their musical masterpieces. They sang about our Student Restaurant where a very cute chef, beautiful and playful cooks, wonderful personnel who prepare delicious “Dumplings, pancakes, salads, deserts, solyanka (thick, spicy and sour soup), okroshka (cold kvass soup with vegetables and cooked meat) and different soups…”. They sang about the student body that always wants to eat and all its organs rebel… They sang about spring in the hostels and girls who walk in short skirts, clean-up days, Hostel Heads and Deans. In general they sang about everyday … But they sang with fun and humor.

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“Humorous Show” program was, as usual, eventful and interesting. Teams of the Cultural Center: vocal trio “Girls”, folk song ensemble “Gerdan” ballroom dance studio «Non stop», dance ensemble “Paradise” and modern dance studio «Only first» were entertaining the audience between the competitions. “Funny trilogy about girls” performed by 4th year students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty Aleksieienko Oleksii and Antonov Vsevolod left no one indifferent. A pleasant surprise was the impromptu performance by jury member Roman Tykhomyrov.

According to the jury’s decision, CFI team “Kuvalda” (“Sledgehammer”) won the humorous battle. “Kuvalda” (“Sledgehammer”), we congratulate you! All teams received sweet gifts and gift certificates of the dance center «Step Up».

We wish all participants of the creative studios not to stop, seek to improve their talents and acting skills. CFI members! Remember the phrase of Mykhailo Zhvanetskyi: “Under the pressure from outside the humor is born inside”. We expect new programs, new from you! Show goes on!

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