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Professional orientation steps in 2011-2012 academic year:

  • An updated professional orientationblock of flyers written in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Chinese for foreign students, postgraduates, and preparatory department students (total number of copies is up to 15 thousand);
  • Was updated reference information about NUPh in international reference books, collections and catalogues  (“Welcome to study in Ukraine”, “Universities of Russia and Ukraine”, “European universities”, “Higher Education in Ukraine”, UNESCO Reference Book,) as well as on electronic web resources (4International colleges and Universities; The Europe World of Learning).
  • 350 certificates of study were given to the graduates of NUPh, in the close co-operation with pharmaceutical departments on specialists training issues of Mauritius, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, China, Iran, and Turkey;
  • The “geography borders” of professional orientationactivities in the areas of potential students affiliation were extended by the increase of contracting companies (30) and authorized representatives (up to 50)  who have relevant permits from the university to run NUPh’s promotion campaign abroad;
  • Promotional and informational activities are performed via consulting offices of NUPh inLebanon,Morocco,Syria,Tunisia,Mauritius,Nigeria,China,Iraq,Turkey,Tajikistan, UAE,Libya,Jordan,Congo,Kenya,Uganda,GuineaandTanzania.
  • Up to 1 thousand promotional professional orientation mails and documents packages were sent to general education schools, pharmaceutical and medical colleges of the Middle Eastern, Asian, North African and CIS countries, and also to the directors of the drug stores of CIS, in order to attract new students to NUPh.
  • There is a constant contact with the Association of University Graduates of European, Asian, African and South American countries in order to enlarge data base of NUPh’s graduates.

In order to pursue the active vocational guidance to attract foreign students to study at the National University of Pharmacy  official University delegations visited a number of CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East. Presentations of the University have been made on basis of professional establishments of secondary education, in the Universities-partners; meetings at the Ministries of Education and Public Health, at the foreign Embassies have been organised. Large-scale vocational work has been conducted with the aim of increasing contingent of foreign students, mainly from CIS countries, University teachers gave lectures of master class.

November, 2011 – assoc. prof. of Pharmacology dept. Zaychenko Anna V. visited Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe (Presentation of the University at secondary schools and vocational estanlishments to attract prospective students to study at NUPh in the all specialities according to NUPh accreditation certificate, Master’s and doctoral studies; as a result of her vocational guidance in the 2011/2012 educational year 8 students of Pharmaceutical Faculty, Tajik Medical University after Abuali ibn Sino, entered the National University of Pharmacy, and 5 employeers of The Centre for Drugs Quality of Tajikistan arrived to Kharkov for obtaining decond Degree in speciality «Quality, standartization and certification» within agreement with our Univeristy about target training of specialists in the field of Parmacy).

September, 2011 – Head of Dept. for fundamental and language education of the pre-univeristy department, Foreign Students’ training Faculty, assoc. prof. Kovalenko Zoya I. presented higher pharmaceutical education on the example of National University of Pharmacy for students of Pharmaceutical Faculty of Turkmen National University to attract youth of Turkemistan to study at NUPh (Ashgabat city); during the meeting at the Ministry of Public Health of Turkmenistan an agreement on quotation for 50 students’ training from Turkemnistan on basis of Kharkov Universities.

Thanks to active advertisement activity and vocational guidance providing abroad, quantity of foreign students at NUPh increases every year, this let the University to keep leader positions among Kharkov universities in terms of total amount of students from different countires.

July, 2011 – Presentation of the University to attend Nigerian citizens to study at NUPh thanks to invitation by the Ukrainian-Nigerian Centre for Education, Science and Culture (Lagos, Abuja) – Deputy Dean of the Foreign Students Training Faculty, assoc. prof. Kovalenko Z.I.);

June, 2011 – visit to Harbin Pharmacetical Company, Medical University of Harbine, Kheylundziansky Univeristy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, participation in the sitting of the International Association of specialists exchange (Head of Pharmacology Dept., prof. Drogovoz S.М., assoc. prof. of the Dept. Shchokina Ye.G.);

June, 2011 – NUPh participation in the International Education Exhibition in Tunisian Republic under support of the Ministry of Education of Tunis and Generate Counsulate of Ukraine.

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