Demianenko Viktor Grygorievych

Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor.

Department of Merchandising

Address: 4, Bliukhera St.

Tel.: 8 (0572) 67-91-80



Was born on 30, September1946 inTajikistan. In 1970 he graduated from  the Kharkov Institute of Pharmacy and for 10 years worked as younger research associate at theKharkovresearch and development chemical and pharmaceutical institute. Since 1980 Viktor Grygorievych was the assistant,  senior teacher and the associate  professor of the Kharkov Institute of Pharmacy. At the same time he worked as the deputy dean of foreign students (1985-88). At the rector’s suggestion  in 1990-1991 he took part in the creation of the Department of  medical and pharmaceutical merchandising  and became its  first Head.

In 1990 Viktor defended the doctoral dissertation on the subject “Ionizing radiation application in the technology of medicines from herbal raw materials”. Two years later he was awarded the

rank of the professor.

Scientific directions.

Application of radiation exposure in the technology of phyto-chemical preparations, the mechanism of the radiating processes occurring at the extraction of irradiated herbal raw materials.

Practical realization of radiation exposure application in the technology of phyto-chemical production. By the  example of five medicines of different chemical structure and pharmacological action there was shown the expediency of ionizing radiation application. Viktor Grygorievych developed new technologies for a number of medicines with application of radiating processing of medicinal raw materials: “Plantaglyutsid”, “Raunatin”, “Mukaltin” “Extract of an althaea dry root” and “Tsikorin”. The offered technologies allow to increase the extraction of biologically active substances up to 10-40 % and to receive the preparations meeting the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia by the level of microbial contamination for unsterile finished medicinal product..

Professor V. G. Demianenko determined consistent patterns of the extraction process of the irradiated vegetative material, influence of a dose ionizing radiation on the technological properties of raw materials, рН extracts and the nature of free radicals.

At present time Viktor Grygorievych actively carries out preparation of home and foreign graduate students on different directions in the technologies of drugs: development of new sterilization technologies of ready medicinal forms  and raw materials, use of the liquefied gases and other perspective methods of intensification of extraction processes, development of structures and technologies of preparations in the form of suspensions and capsules.


Viktor Grygorievych is awarded by the honours  “The excellent pupil of health care» (1993), merit certificate of the Minister of Education and Science (2006) and other merit certificates and honours.

Scientific school.

Prepared 3 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences (Bodri Hamam Saleh “Working out of the composition and technologies of the drug on the  basis of  Silybum marianum oil”,  Zhekhzhakh Samer  “Working out of the composition and technologies of lipophilic phyto-complex of anti-inflammatory action and suppositories on its basis”.

Yudina Y.V. “Working out of the composition and technologies of geriatric medication in the form of granules on the basis of the Ginkgo biloba leaves.”)

Publishing activity.

Viktor Grygorievych is the author of about 150 printing works, copyright certificates and patents and  monograph “Radiation exposure in the  technology of phyto-chemical preparations”  which is the first work where theoretical and practical data on the possibility of radiation exposure application in the technology of preparations from medicinal herbal raw materials are given. He is also a coauthor of a number of methodical instructions and manuals.

Teaching of disciplines.

• Medical and pharmaceutical merchandising

• Pharmaceutical merchandising

• Perfumery and cosmetic merchandising

• Fundamentals of materials science. Packing and wrapping

• Merchandising


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