Exhibition activity of NUPh 2009

International exhibition of educational establishments “Modern education inUkraine–2009”February 23-25, Kyiv,PalaceofChildrenand Youth (13 Mazepy str.)

Golden medal for “Integration of education and science”

Diploma of the exhibition “For eminence in innovative modernization of national system of education”

Acknowledgement to the rector of NUPh Chernykh V.P. “For fruitful organizational and creative work on the innovative development of Ukrainian education”

All-Ukraineexhibition campaign “Colorful Ukraine” August 18-21 2009, Kyiv, “ExpocentreUkraine” National Complex (1, Ac. Glushkov ave.)

Diploma of participant

International exhibition “Science and production. Mechanical engineering industry of Kharkiv region” September 24-27, 2009,Kharkov (Radmir expohall, 271,Ac. Pavlova str.) Big Slobozhansky Fair

Diploma of participant

Exhibition, dedicated to the visit of the president of Ukraine Yuschenko V.A. to Kharkiv, October 22, 2009, KhATOB

Exhibition of educational establishments “Innovatics in the education of Ukraine” December 2-4, 2009, Kyiv, Palace of Children and Youth (13, Mazepy str.)

Commemorative award Laureate of the contest in the “Innovatics in higher education” nomination

Diploma of the exhibition “For development and implementation of innovative educational technologies”

Acknowledgement to the rector of NUPh Chernykh V.P. “For fruitful organizational work on development and implementation of educational innovations”  

International specialized exhibition “Education and career – Students’ Day”  December 10-12, 2009, Kyiv, “Ukrainian House”ArtPalace (2 Khreschyatyk str.)

Gold Medal  Diploma in the “Publication of textbooks and training manuals of new generation for specialized higher education establishments”

 Certificate in the “Publication of new generation textbooks and training manuals for specialized higher education establishments”

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