Kalinichenko Terentiy Yakovlevich (1904-1961)

Director of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute,  1938-1939

Terentiy YakovlevichKalinichenko was born on November 10, 1904 in Kharkiv region. He graduated from Kharkov University. From 1936 to 1938 he was the director of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute.

During the directorship of Kalinichenko T.Ya., the Institute continued its ongoing development. With the increasing amount of scientific knowledge in pharmacy and chemistry it appeared the necessity in deepening of the specialization of relevant basic departments. In 1938 at the initiative Terentiy Yakovlevichwas created the Department of Pharmacognosy, the main research direction which was chemical study of essential and fatty oils of Ukrainian flora, as well as morphological and anatomical study of fruit of Celery Family plants.

There was conducted the work on creation of study materials. Thus in 1939 at the Department of Technology of formulations and herbal medicines (now – Department of Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs) by professor S.F. Shubin was prepared study guide for medical colleges “Technology of formulations. Introductory course “.

During this period at the Department of Forensic Chemistry (now – the Department of Toxicological Chemistry) was conducted the research on development of forensic chemical analysis of bismuth. At the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, M.A. Izmailov and M.S. Schreiber developed the method of thin layer chromatography.

T.Ya. Kalinichenko is the author of over 70 scientific papers on the problems of diagnosis and treatment of female infertility, the use of hormones in obstetrics and gynecology, premature fetus. He suggested use of antibiotics at uterotubal insufflation and metrosalpingography.

The Institute continued to form its own scientific potential. In 1938 there was defended one dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and in 1939 – three more dissertations.

T.Ya. Kalinichenko while being a director with his persistent, hard work managed to make a significant contribution into the development and the subsequent formation of the Institute. The scientist was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, three Orders of “Honor” and medals.

In 1938 – 1945  T.Ya. Kalinichenko was People’s Commissar for Healthcare, then – deputy Commissar for Healthcare of the USSR.


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