Media Communications Center

53, Pushkinska str., 4th floor, 400

Tel.: +38 (057) 706-17-68


According to the Order from December 31, 2013, № 1176k, a new independent structural subdivision – Department of Public Relations and Press was created at the National University of Pharmacy.

Main activity directions of the Media Communications Center:

  • implementation of informational and advertising policy of the NUPh (in the first place, career guidance activity);
  • monitoring and formation of public opinion about the NUPh image;
  • creation of positive relations with the public;
  • cooperation with the mass media;
  • dissemination of information through publications in the mass media, advertising, oral presentations of the University administration;
  • organizational and methodological work, in particular, coordination of structural subdivisions of the NUPh concerning public relations;
  • advertising and exhibition work connected with participation in the events of the international, national and regional levels.

Main tasks of the Media Communications Center:

  • monitoring, analysis of condition and dynamics of public opinion in the process of implementation of educational and research activities of the University;
  • development of the concept of internal and external policies of the University in the field of public relations, promotion of information transparency of the University;
  • assistance in creation of sustainable interaction with target audiences that form internal and external environment of the University (career guidance activity);
  • development and maintenance of the University image on the whole, and of its certain subdivisions and departments;
  • formation of media resources of the University;
  • development of the information regulations of the University, the protocol algorithms;
  • organization and participation in regional, all-Ukrainian and international educational exhibitions;
  • organization and conduction of press conferences, briefings of the University administration and meetings of mass media representatives with the NUPh administration;
  • maintenance of contacts with representatives of the press services of the local authorities and branch Universities;
  • development of advertising, image and career guidance publications (leaflets, brochures, posters, greeting cards, etc.), movies, corporate symbols;
  • informational support of the University website;
  • preparation and publication of the newspaper “Youth of pharmacy”;
  • regular and timely disclosure of information on the activities of the University on the NUPh portal and in the University newspaper;
  • coordination of structural subdivisions of the NUPh concerning public relations;
  • creation of the unified repository of photo and video materials on the University activity;
  • monitoring of ranking exhibitions, in which it is necessary to participate, organization of participation in advertising and exhibitions events, presentation of the University at the appropriate level in the framework of these events, preparation of reports on carrying out and participation in them.

Priorities of the Media Communications Center – professionalism, efficiency, openness to dialogue.

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