“Pharmacy in ages”

In 2004, the year whenKharkovcelebrated 350-years anniversary  and in honor of 200 years anniversary of higher pharmaceutical schools establishment inUkraine, there was placed a sculpture complex “Pharmacy in ages” near the education center of the National University of Pharmacy (4, Blukhera Str.). The authors of the complex were the honored artist of Ukraine, sculptor S. Gurbanov and popular architect of Ukraine Y. Shkodovsky.

The idea to erect a monument came  to the rector of NUPh, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Honored worker of science and technology  of Ukraine V. P. Chernykh  during  the celebration of the Day of the Pharmacist.  In September 2001 he developed aesthetic program of the  complex.

The main idea of the complex is to show centuries-long development of  unpopular doctors-pharmacists into future pharmacists and scientists who can not only successfully fight with diseases but also extend the life of humanity on the whole. This is the world’s only sculpture complex dedicated to praise the profession of a pharmacist.

The central part of the complex is devoted to “Panacea” – Greek goddess, whose name is interpreted  as a “healer”. And since ancient times it has became commonly used  in European languages.

S. A.  Gurbanov embodied the goddess in the form of a blooming and portly woman with prescription reference and scales in her hands. Let’s remember the aphorism  “Veritable, like in the chemist’s.” The image of the goddess shrouded with a coat that comes down with soft frills. From the front side “Panacea” is full of majesty and concentration. If you look at the figure of the goddess in profile, you can better feel the beauty and elegance of her shapes and hasteless gait towards people.

On the left in a distance of 5 meters at the stepped pedestal there is a statue of “chemist” wearing university gown and graduate quadrangular cap. It represents pharmacists of medieval period. This statue underlines the ancient origins of the pharmacist’s  profession. Master is putting the necessary  mixture in a large mortar. His concentration evokes  respect. The figure of an ancient pharmacist is perceived as a kind of anthem to hard daily work, which is so necessary for patients. In our computerized era this statue figuratively expresses sincere gratitude of modern pharmacists to previous generations of foremen who intuitively by feel searched for  more new drugs. The statue is cast life size from bronze  and placed on the bench so that young people today willingly sit down next to it and for a moment may feel spiritual relative  or a colleague of ancient times specialist.

To the right from Panacea there posted a group “The Future of Pharmacy”. A wide ribbon flies  up above the globe. On this ribbon like on a basis ascends a proud pair of young diplomats in  Masters’ robes and plane hats. The young man raises high  a torch – the symbol of inspiration, oath of everlasting service to mankind. The girl steadily holds  Masters  diploma in her hands. This image embodies the commitment to the profession. This sculptural group wears clothing that is waving in the wind and expresses confidence in the triumphal  development of pharmacy throughout the world. The project authors’ opinion is  clearly read and is even pathetic.

The  idea of heredity of different generations of  pharmacists is quite successfully solved in this complex. Complex turned out to be  more European-like than Ukrainian. Note thatKharkovis Ukrainian capital of Pharmacy.

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