Implementation of the rating system of scientific and academic staff activity of the University is served according to requirements stated by decree № 1000 of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine from 22.11.2013 «About rating of activity of higher education establishments of ІV accreditation level and postgraduate training of the MPHU», is one of the constituents of standard ISO9001:2001 implementing and is a constant element of monitoring system introduction as  a component of assurance and management of higher education quality, stimulation of improvement of qualification, professionalism, productivity of educational and scientific work, growth of creative initiative of scientific and academic staff, awakening of healthy competition inside collective, quality improvement of education process.

The main goal of rating is definition of the best assistants, associate professors and professors at each department, and then – the best ones at NUPh. Enquiry is conducted by the Quality Management Department in form of questionnaire. With various forms of rating estimation an objectivity and completeness is provided of information given, its reliability, transparency is achieved due to competence and impartiality of the work group members being interviewed. The system of quality estimation of scientific and academic staff activity contributes complex objective analysis of their work, improvement of the system of material incentives.

The rating of scientific and academic staff of the University is carried out for effectiveness improvement and professional activity effectiveness of scientific and academic staff; growth of interest, including collective interest from the side of scientific and academic staff towards improvement of their professional qualification in regards to assimilating an innovate pedagogic experience, purposeful, uninterruptible improvement of professional competence level, in creative approach to the teaching process; making heads of department to assist staff level improvement, to stimulate activity, that leads to rating raise of departments and University in total, and distinguish activity chains requiring advancing, orientation of scientific and academic staff on assimilating modern information technologies; creation informative bas for analysis and estimation of a state and dynamics of development of Departments and Faculties of the University.

The clear and systematic rating estimation of academic and scientific staff of the University will let to improve the University’s management system, level and quality of education.

Within a framework of academic and scientific staff rating, the specialists of Quality Management Department are authorized by the following tasks:

  • Development and improvement of rating procedure of activity estimation of scientific and academic staff and University’s departments;
  • Involving in a project realization of rating evaluation of NUPh scientific and academic staff, statistical analysis of results and reporting to the University’s Authorities.
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