Sector for science

The scientific sector carries out:

  1. Organization and accounting of scientific work performed at the university.
  2. Accounting for and protection of intellectual property rights.
  3. Measures to prevent academic plagiarism – the publication (partially or fully) of scientific (creative) results obtained by others as the results of their own research (creativity) and / or reproduction of published texts (published works of art) by other authors without attribution.
  4. Organization publication of scientific journals of the NFaU.
  5. Metrological support of the educational and scientific process of the university.
  6. Participation in the registration, organization and conduct of scientific and practical events and intellectual competitions.
  7. With the aim of preparing highly qualified applicants for higher education, integrating fundamental and applied scientific achievements in the educational process, ensuring the implementation of the experimental base of dissertation, master’s, diploma, term papers and projects, educational research work of higher education applicants, create as part of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Applied Pharmacy national pharmaceutical university educational and scientific creative blocks of chemical, technological, organizational and economic Who is biological and medical-Nogo areas of training in which are held research in the following areas:

Creative unit of the chemical direction of preparation:

  • Organic synthesis and analysis of BAR, the development of drugs based on synthetic and semi-synthetic substances.
  • Molecular design and targeted synthesis of new biologically active organic substances and their focused combinatorial libraries.
  •  Pharmacognostic studies of medicinal plant materials and the development of phytotherapeutic agents based on them.
  • Development and validation of methods for controlling the quality of medicines in pharmacy and industrial production.
  • Development of new and improvement of existing methods for the analysis of drugs to identify substandard and counterfeit products.
  • Creation of new original and combined medicines for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  • Chemical toxicological analysis of biologically active substances and drugs.
  • Nanotechnological aspects of the use of magnetic fluids in pharmacy and medicine.

Creative unit of the technological direction of preparation:

  • Development of the composition, technology and biopharmaceutical research of medicines based on natural and synthetic raw materials.
  • Development and improvement of the composition and technology of extemporaneous drugs.
  • Development and improvement of the composition and technology of medical and cosmetic products.
  • Commodity analysis of goods of a limited pharmacy assortment.
  • Development of the composition and technology of dietary supplements.
  • Creating homeopathic medicines.
  • Creation of standardized biologically active substances and medicines based on beekeeping products.
  • Scientific and experimental justification of the composition and standardization of the technology of liquid drugs for parenteral and oral use.

Creative unit of the organizational and economic direction of preparation:

  • Quality management in the development, production and circulation of medicines.
  • Development and improvement of effective technologies for the professional training of students and teachers in universities of the pharmaceutical and medical fields.
  • Organization of pharmaceutical business, management and marketing in pharmacy.
  • Formation of a socially-oriented innovation and logistics model for the development of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.
  • Development of statistical methods and classification models in pharmaceutical and medical problems.
  • Trends in the development of modern society in the context of globalization: socio-philosophical, historical, cultural and educational aspects.
  • Current trends and technologies for the development of management education in Ukraine.
  • Assessment of medical technology and the degree of quality of pharmacotherapy of various diseases.

Creative unit of biomedical training:

  • Pharmacological study of biologically active substances and drugs.
  • Organization and conduct of clinical research and bioequivalence studies.
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of development and correction of pathological conditions.
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