Foreign citizens’ training is carried out according to curriculum and programmes, developed and approved by NUPh for the faculty of foreign citizens’ training, or under individual plans and programmes, if it is stipulated by certain agreements and contracts.

VII National Congress pathophysiologists Ukraine with international participation

Scientific and practical activities planned by the National University of Pharmacy in 2016. 1. Scientific-methodical Internet-conference with internatioInternational scientific and practical conferencenal participation “Common competence of English language in non-language universities” Responsibility: Department of Foreign Languages Phone: (057) 771-81-61 Location: Read more

Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok”

Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok” (Step) The licensed test-based exams are the mandatory integrative part of the state attestation for awarding qualification ‘Pharmacist’. Students taught in Pharmacy are obliged to pass two separate test-based exams – «KROK 1» and «КROK 2». Read more

Historical reference

Initiation of higher pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv lands goes back to 1805 whenKharkiv Emperor University was founded. This year, Kharkiv academic Council of medical faculty gets the right to carry out experiments to get pharmaceutical title and gesel (pharmacist’s assistant), pharmacist and chemist degree according to these experiments’ results. In 1812…