Our University

National University of Pharmacy is a domestic center of pharmaceutical education and science development, which occupies a leading place in realization of public policy in training a new generation of highly skilled specialists and implementation of competitive scientific developments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University creates conditions for deep scientific training of highly qualified specialists on the principles of education and science cooperation.

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Scientific and research activities of the University is an integral part of the educational activities and carried out to integrate scientific, educational and production activities in higher education. It is a complex multistage process, in which employees of the Departments and structural subdivisions take part

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Historical roots of NUPh

Initiation of higher pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv lands goes back to 1805 whenKharkiv Emperor University was founded. This year, Kharkiv academic Council of medical faculty gets the right to carry out experiments to get pharmaceutical title and gesel (pharmacist’s assistant), pharmacist and chemist degree according to these experiments’ results. In 1812, on the basis of the University’s chemical laboratory, the new pharmaceutical laboratory was opened, thus students and those who have been preparing for examinations to get a pharmaceutical degree had an opportunity to obtain trainings in pharmacy, pharmacognosy, forensic medicine analysis… Continue reading Historical roots of NUPh