12.12.2016 in the Museum of the history of NUPh was opened an exhibition devoted to the 110 anniversary from the birthday of Professor Gregory P. Pivnenko

Professor Gregory P. Pivnenko headed the Kharkiv pharmaceutical Institute from 1958 to 1970. The event was attended by students of G. P. Pivnenko professor Dmitro I. Dmitrievskiy and professor Vladislav I. Chueshov , who shared their memories about the great scientist-pharmacist. The exhibition is open until the end of December.

Specialized Scientific Council

Three specialized scientific councils function at the National University of Pharmacy: D 64.605.01 conducts defense of theses for scientific degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences in Pharmacy in the following specialities: 15.00.02 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy; 5.00.03 – Standardization and Organization of Pharmaceutical Production. Head – Prof. Chernykh V.P. Deputy head … Continue reading Specialized Scientific Council

06.05.2016 in the museum of history of NUPh took place opening of the exhibition devoted to the Day of memory and reconciliation and the Victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war

Being already traditional, the exhibition honors the memory and heroism of the staff of the NUPh in the events of the Second world war. Visitors to the museum can see the photos of veterans, get acquainted with the memoirs of participants of war, and learn the fate of NUPh in the evacuation.

On 5-7 April, 2016, a compliance audit of the Education Quality Management System took place at the National University of Pharmacy. The audit was conducted by chief auditor Oleksandr Yuriiovych Beregovenko and auditor-expert Shapran Liana Fedorivna of the Management Systems Certification Body LLC IQC “PRYROST”

The audit analyzed documented procedures governing the processes of quality management system of the NUPh, University Management Guide and other documentation required by ISO 9001 standard.