On March 7, 2024, the forum PHARMA@FOCUS ON THE PATIENT 2024. PHARMACOLOGY was held


It was organized by SE SEC of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in partnership with LLC UkrComExpo. Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SE SEC of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine for Medicinal Products and Drug Control, the Center for Public Health of Ukraine, representatives of pharmaceutical industries, health care institutions, self-government organizations, the scientific and educational community.

The National University of Pharmacy, as an expert hub in the field of pharmaceutical education, was represented by Acting Rector Alla Kotvitska, who took part in a panel discussion on staffing of the domestic pharmacovigilance system.

The requirements for the presence of specialists who carry out pharmacovigilance are defined by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 27.12.2006 No. 898. The problem highlighted by educators is that although the process of pharmacovigilance is currently mandatory, there is no requirement in the legislation to have an appropriate educational specialization in pharmacovigilance to the specialist who performs it.

Thus, the decision regarding the appropriate staffing needs standardization. Educators offer several options for the training/retraining of specialists in the secondary specialization Pharmacovigilance with subsequent assignment of the professional qualification Professional in Pharmacovigilance.

  • Training of specialists authorized to carry out pharmacovigilance, usually doctors (6 months).
  • Assignment of pharmacovigilance functions to clinical pharmacists, whose positions have already been introduced in health care institutions, with training within 3 months.
  • Training of pharmacists who deal with pharmacovigilance issues in medical and preventive institutions (6 months).
  • Training/retraining of specialists authorized for pharmacovigilance at pharmaceutical enterprises.

NUPh promptly responds to changes in state policy regarding staffing of the healthcare industry. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 23.01.2024 No. 112, an author’s specialization program Pharmacovigilance was developed at the level of postgraduate training.

On the topic:
On February 8, 2024, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State Expert Center and the National University of Pharmacy (link).

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