25 June 2013, at 14:00 in the auditorium №2 will be held a meeting of the University Academic Council (12 Melnikova, str.).

On the agenda

1.  Handing out of the diplomas and certificates

Speaker: corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Professor Chernykh Valentin Petrovich

2. Approval of the University symbols

Speaker: vice-rector for scientific-pedagogical work, professor Ivanova Karina Andreevna

3.  Progress report for the departments: Commodity Science, Technology of perfumery and cosmetics, Botany, Analytical Chemistry, Management and Marketing in Pharmacy, Pharmacoinformatics, Humanities, and Pharmacognosy in the context of ending of the employment tenure of the heads of the Departments (in English language)

Speaker: head of the Commodity Sciences Department Baranova Inna Ivanovna;

head of the Technology of perfumery and cosmetics Department professor Bashura Aleksandr Gennadievich;

head of the Botany Department associate professor Gontova Tatiana Nikolaevna;

head of the Analytical Chemistry Department professor Evtifeeva Olga Anantolievna;

head of the Management and Marketing in Pharmacy Department professor Mnushko Zoya Nikolavna;

head of Pharmacoinformatics Department professor Penkin Yuriy Mikhailovich;

head of Humanities Department associate professor Filyanina Nelya Nikolaevna;

head of Pharmacognosy Department professor Khvorost Olga Pavlovna

4. On the implementation of decisions made by the University Academic Council in the 2012-2013 academic year

Speaker: head of the commission for the implementation of decisions – professor Litvinova Olga Mikhailovna