Andriukova Larysa Mykolaivna

Andriukova Larisa NikolaevnaDoctor of Pharmaceutical Science, Senior Research Scientist

Address –  Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv, Zahysnykiv Ukrainy sq. 17.

Telephone (057) 732-05-41


Autobiography. Andriukova L. M. was born in December 27, 1958, in Gorlovka, Donetsk region, Ukraine.

In 1982 Andriukova L. M. graduated with honors from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, qualification – engineer chemist-technologist. In 2003 she received a second higher education – graduated from National Aerospace University «Kharkov Aviation Institute» on speciality «Quality, standardization and certification», qualification – quality engineer.

After graduation she worked at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Medicines (in Ukraine – The State Scientific Center of Drugs): Engineer, Research Associate and Senior Research Scientist (1982 – 1996), Head of the Laboratory of eye, ear and nasal medications (1995 -2011).

In 1994 defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences on speciality 15.00.03 «Standardization and management of production of medicinal products» by the topic «Technological equipment corrosion resistibility investigations for drug manufacture». In 2000 she was awarded the academic title of Senior Research Scientist on speciality 15.00.01 «Technology of Drugs and Industrial Pharmacy». In 2011 she defended doctoral thesis on speciality 15.00.03 «Standardization and management of production of medicinal products» by the topic «Research for the standardization of the pharmaceutical development of drugs in eye drops dosage form”.

Since 2011 she is working at the National University of Pharmacy: Senior Researcher Scientist of the State scientific-research laboratory of NUPh for medicinal substances quality control (2011 – 2015), professor of the Quality Management Department (2011 – 2015); associate professor of the Department of Industrial Pharmacy and Economy IATPS (2015 – present).

Scientific School – Under her supervision 2 dissertations for the scientific degree of Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences on speciality 15.00.03 – Standardization and Organization of Pharmaceutical Production have been performed:

  1. Sidenko L.N. «Stabilization and standardization of composition and technology of manufacturing of preparations in the form of drops by the example of nasal/eye drops Vilosen and eye drops Tropicamide», State Enterprise «The State Scientific Center of Drugs», Kharkov, 2007.
  2. Fetisova E.G. «The development and standardization of the pharmaceutical composition and technology of eye drops with antiallergic effect», State Enterprise «The State Scientific Center of Drugs», Kharkov, 2008.


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Teaches disciplines:pharmaceutical development of medicinal preparations, transfer of technology of medicinal preparations, bases and modern aspects of GMP.