Komisarenko Andrii M.

Andrii M. Komisarenko – Professor of the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Doctor of Pharmaceutical sciences, professor.

Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds

Address: 61168, Kharkiv, 4 Valentynivska str., chemical campus building, 4 floor;

Tel/fax: (0572) 67-93-63

E-mail: cnc@nuph.edu.ua

Andrii M. Komisarenko was born on October 18, 1962. He graduated from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1984, doctoral school (1989) and started working as an assistant (1989–1996), later – an associate professor (1996) and professor (2003) of the Pharmacognosy Department. Since 2004 Andrii M. Komisarenko has been working as a professor of the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds.

In 1989 Andrii M. Komisarenko defended his thesis “Extraction and Chemical Study of Biologically Active Compounds of some Fabaceae plant species (Coronilla, Securinega, Psoralea)” for the Candidate of Sciences degree, and in 1999 – “The Search, Extraction and Chemical study of natural cardenolides, terpenoids, phenylpropanoids and accompanying compounds” for the Doctor of Sciences degree. Andrii M. Komisarenko  has received the Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences degree (1990), associate professor (1999), Doctor Pharmaceutical Sciences degree (1999), professor (2005).

Area of scientific research:

  • Creation and standardization of phytoremedies; the search of inhibitors and activators of enzymes among natural biologically active compounds;
  • Phytochemical, morphological and anatomical and chemotaxonomical study of plants aimed to detect prospective sources of biologically active compounds for the renewal of the nomenclature of medicinal plants.

Andrii M. Komisarenko is the author of about 160 scientific and educational and methodical works, out of which 7 textbooks and 15 handbooks, 14 Certificates of Authorship and 28 Invention Patents. Andrii M. Komisarenko  is a co-inventor of 12 medicines, introduced in the industrial production, such as “Piflamin”, “G-Strophanthin”, “Corglycone”, “Chlorophyllipt” in tablets etc

Awards: Certificates of Appreciation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine.

Scientific school:

Dissertations performed under the supervision of Professor Andrii M. Komisarenko

Theses for the Doctor of Sciences degree:

  • Oleg M. Koshovyi “The modern approaches to the establishmant of new plant sources of biologically active substances and creation of remedies on their basis”, 2013,

Theses for the Candidate of Sciences degree:

  • Olga V. Demeshko “Study of Robinia pseudoacacia leaves’ biologically active substances and creation of drugs on their basis”, 2007,
  • Oleg M. Koshovyi “A creation of a new medicine by complex processing of Eucalyptus viminalis leaves”, 2007,
  • Pavlo S. Yanchenko “Allocation and chemical studying of biologically active substances with lipasetropic actions of plants of families Fabaceae and Apiaceae”, 2009,
  • Oleksandra A. Kyslychenko “Phytochemical and technological study of yarrow (Achillea millefolium Mill.) and creation of remedies on its basis”, 2013,
  • І.М. Polishchuk “Phytochemical study of raspberry and creation of new remedies on its basis”

Subjects given by professor Andrii M. Komisarenko

  • Pharmacognosy
  • Medicinal Plants’ Resource Science
  • Pharmacognostic Analysis of the New MPM