Laboratory of the Microbiological and Immunologic researches

Organised on the basis of the microbiligy department in 2000.


filimonova-nataliya-igorevna1Address:  61002, Kharkiv, Melnikova street, 12

Tel.: 8(057) 706 30 67


Head of department:

Filimonova Nataliya Igorevna, D.Sc. in Medicine, professor.

Main direction of work:

  • Immunodiagnostics and immunocorrection of the infectious diseases and immunopathologic conditions
  • Study of the antiviral activity drugs and pharmacological substances
  • Methods of viruses cryopreservation development
  • Microbiological control of the ready-made drugs
  • Preservatives for drugs and food substances development
  • New compounds antibacterial screening
  • Phytoforages biopharmaceutical researches with the aim of the usage in cattle breeding
  • Experience exchange between pharmacy faculties of Ukraine as to the education content problems
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