On September 3, 2013, the 6th public lecture by R.V. Bogatyryova, Minister of Health of Ukraine, corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine, DSc. in Medicine, Professor, on “The role and place of the doctor in the world” was held at 13:00 in the form of videoconference. Broadcast was conducted from the lecture hall of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets

The Minister addressed her lecture, which was devoted to ethical, social, philosophical problems of the profession, to the first-year students of medical and pharmaceutical education institutions. 15, 000 students gathered in the lecture halls of higher education institutions.

Altogether more than 55,000 healthcare workers and future professionals of the branch have listened to the lecture by R.V. Bogatyryova: 22,000 students and lecturers of the Ukrainian higher education institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels; 32,000 students and teachers of specialized colleges and schools; 1,700 employees of healthcare facilities of Ukraine.

3.09.2013-lektsy-ya-Bogaty-revoj-R.V.-NFaU-1In the lecture hall of the National University of Pharmacy Minister the lecture was attended by about 300 first-year students and lecturers.

According to the poll, Ukrainians put the health on the top of the scale of values. The right for health is legislated in the Constitution of Ukraine, because “human health – the Minister underlined – is a key element of national security.” That is why healthcare reform in Ukraine and quality of training of healthcare professionals is so important. “The State and the President of Ukraine in the need of healthcare reform, so now the active phase of its reorganization process is being deployed,” – assured R.V. Bogatyryova.

3.09.2013-lektsy-ya-Bogaty-revoj-R.V.-NFaU-2According to statistics, in Ukraine the medical profession is one of the 10 most prestigious professions, and “in the current academic year 111,000 applicants filed applications to the Ukrainian medical schools,” – said he head of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

3.09.2013-lektsy-ya-Bogaty-revoj-R.V.-NFaU-3The history of medicine is inextricably linked to the history of humankind. And whatever changes the medicine is experiencing, its basic tenets remain the same, including those that define professional responsibility. “These postulates are stated in the Hippocratic Oath. I want to emphasize that in addition to professional knowledge that will require continuous improvement, it is important for a medical professionals to cultivate the certain features in themselves, particularly, considering the current globalization, – tolerance. Therefore, future doctor should not divide subjects into primary and secondary. Philosophy, cultural studies, religious studies is as important as the professional subjects. An obligatory and necessary for highly skilled professionals is to know a foreign language,”- said R.V. Bogatyryova.

3.09.2013-lektsy-ya-Bogaty-revoj-R.V.-NFaU-4The doctor refers to the category of people who needs to make decisions and that puts forward extremely high demands on medical professionals, starting from perfect professional qualifications and ethical personal beliefs of the medical professional to his\her appearance and habits. That is why the “the future doctors have to realize that trifles in the work of the doctor do not exist,” – summarized the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

At the end of her panoramic lecture Health Minister R.V. Bogatyryova in on-line mode gave answers to the questions that were sent from lecture halls of Ukrainian higher education institutions.



                                                                                                Elena Yakovleva,

                                                                                                 “Youth of Pharmacy”