Strelnikov Leonid Semenovych

Strelnikov-L.SSTRELNIKOV LEONID SEMENOVYCH, D.Sc. in Pharmacy, Professor, Head of the Department of Biotechnology.


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Leonid Semenovych Strelnikov was born in August 22, 1950 in the community of Bliznyuky, Kharkiv region in the family of employees. He has graduated from Bliznyuky school in 1967 and entered the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute. After graduating from the university (1972) he has worked as the pharmacist in the central region pharmacy No. 114, served in the Soviet Army (1972-1973).

Research and teaching career Leonid S. Strelnikov began at the Department of Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs during studying as a post graduate student (1973-1978).

In 1981 he defended thesis for scientific degree of the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences on the topic “Development of composition and technology solubilization iodine solution.”

In 1981 Leonid S. Strelnikov defended thesis for scientific degree of the Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences on the topic “Technological and biopharmaceutical aspects of  liposomal drugs based on bioactive dispersive media.”

In 1992 he was appointed the head of the course “Chemical Microbiology.” Since 1993 he worked as a professor at microbiology Department. In 1994 he was awarded the doctor’s degree in Pharmacy. Since foundation of the Department of Biotechnology (September 2004) he works as the Head of Department.

 Public activities

During teaching and research work Leonid Semenovych Strelnikov is actively engaged in social activities. For many years he managed the Komsomol organization, then labor union and other organizations of the university; he is a member of: the Academic Council of  National University of Pharmacy, the Academic Council of the Industrial Faculty of National University of Pharmacy, Central Methodical Commission of  NUPh and industrial department, the Scientific and Methodical Commission of Biotechnology of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine .

Leonid Semenovych Strelnikov is a member of the European Federation of Biotechnology (since 2010) and a member of the Society of biotechnologists of Y.A.Ovchynnikov (since 2012).


Diploma of Department of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2004), Diploma of Association of employers of medical and microbiological industry of Ukraine (2005), Diploma of National University of Pharmacy (2010).

 Scientific school

Area of research: development of medical preparations (solubilized, liposomal, biotechnology (with probiotics, bacteriophages, interferons, antiseptics)) and research of their pharmacological properties. Co-author of development and implemented of liposomal drug “Lipin.”

 Scientific school

• Velikaya Marina Markovna; candidate thesis “Development of composition and technology multiple lyposoma forms of rifampicin and gentamicin” 1991;

• Spiridonov Andrey Vladymyrovych; candidate thesis “Study of microbial phospholipids as a substrate for receiving liposomal formulations of drugs for different clinical purposes” 1993;

• Eliseeva Irina Vitalievna; candidate thesis “Influence of abiotic factors and intraspecific relationships of Neisseria at the development of pathogenic populations of N.meningitidis” 1994;

• Strilets Oksana Petrovna; candidate thesis “Development of composition and technology of antiseptic dressing materials” 2001;

• Tkach Maksim Nikolaevich; candidate thesis “Development of composition and technology flexible formulation with staphylococcus bacteriophage” 2010;

• Kalyuzhnaya Olga Serheevna; candidate thesis “Development of composition and technology of suppositories with probiotics” 2010;

• Yereschenko Oksana Antonovna; candidate thesis “Development of composition and technology of medical foam with bacteriophages” 2011.

The thesis for the scientific degree of Doctor of Pharmacy is completed and submitted to the Specialized Scientific Council by Strilets Oksana Petrovna under the leadership of Leonid S. Strelnikova.

PhD thesis by Bazyuk Daryna Serheevna is planned under the leadership of Leonid S. Strelnikov (2016).

 Publishing activities

About 370 scientific and methodical works have been published, including: monographs, textbooks with a vulture MES of Ukraine, guidelines, articles in scientific and professional journals.

 Teaching courses

  • “Chemical Microbiology”
  • “Principles of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”
  • “Industrial Microbiology”
  • “Industrial Biotechnology”
  • “New technologies of biological products”
  • “Hygiene in Pharmacy”
  • “Industrial Hygiene and Sanitation pharmaceutical production”
  • “Industrial Hygiene and Sanitation biotech industries”
  • “The organization and planning of research”
  • “Nanobiotechnology”

 Hobbies cars, tourism.