UDC 615.065:547.728.54.061/062]001.8 DIAGNOSTICS OF MORTAL SULPIRIDE POISONINGS BY THE RESULTS OF TOXICOLOGICAL EXAMINATIONS S.V.Bayurka, V.V.Bolotov, S.A.Karpushina, V.I.Stepanenko, G.I.Severina

Efficiency of the isolation method of medicinal substances in relation to sulpiride by its elution with chloroform from the biological tissue homogenized by grinding with anhydrous sodium sulphate has been determined. The method allowed to separate 14.1±1.9% of the medicinal substance. Sulpiride was detected in the biological extracts with the help of the colour reactions, thin layer chromatography, UV spectroscopy. The drug’s assay was performed by the UV spectrophotometry method. Light absorption of solutions was subjected to the Bouguer-Lambert-Behr law within the range of concentrations from 20 to 200 μg of sulpiride, the relative error of the quantitative determination did not exceed 1.9%. The necessity of the previous additional purification of the extracts obtained from concomitant admixtures has been shown. For this purpose back extraction and TLC were used.

Key words: neuroleptic agents, antidepressants, sulpiride, biological material, thin layer chromatography, colour reactions, UV spectrophotometry