Оn March 17-20, 2014 will take place the international scientific and practical internet conference «Social pharmacy: state, problems and perspectives»

The aim of the conference is to provide an intellectual platform for discussion and dissemination of cutting edge research and up-and-coming developments in Social Pharmacy. This journal is to publish papers that enrich the practice of social pharmacy while simultaneously making significant contributions to the theoretical advancement of the discipline. 

The conference topics include: 

–  Social pharmacy as a scientific direction and a academic discipline

–  Social Medicine and Social Pharmacy – interconnection of disciplines

–  Human – society – medicines – pharmaceutical care are spheres of interaction

–  Social and effective mechanisms of ensuring of availability of the pharma-ceutical care to the population (state registration, reimbursement, pricing)

–  Normative and legal regulation of medicine’s turnover and pharmaceutical activity

–  Social aspects of management of enterprises of pharmaceutical industry

–  Moral and ethical principles of pharmaceutical activity

–  Social tendencies of marketing in pharmacy

–  Pharmacoeconomic aspects of treatment of socially significant diseases

–  Scientific and practical aspects of activity of sickness funds

–  Problems of the organization of pharmaceutical provision of rural population

–  Social responsibility of business in pharmacy

–  Historical aspects of medicine and pharmacy

–  Organization of the pharmaceutical care in conditions of emergency situations

–  Social and psychological aspects of pharmaceutical activity

–  Pharmaceutical information – the current state of information support of pharmaceutical activity

Publication of materials

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