13-14 December 2012. The Vth scientific and practical conference «PHARMACOECONOMICS IN UKRAINE: CONDITION AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS»

The fifth scientific and practical conference “Pharmacoeconomics in Ukraine: condition and development prospects” was devoted to the problems of conduction of the pharmacoeconomical researches in Ukraine, including pharmacoeconomical researches in cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology; further development and implementation of the formulary system into clinical practice – State formulary and regional formularies; topical issues of further introducing of standardization system into healthcare,  that is: the development of clinical protocols and standards of provision of medical care services in case of common diseases, development and improvement of standards of provision of pharmaceutical services for patients in the pharmacy when purchasing OTC medicines.

13.12.2012 фармакоекономика в Украине_НФаУAt the conference were also discussed the prospects of introduction of health insurance in our country, the role of clinical pharmacist in monitoring the effectiveness and safety of medicines and ensuring rational drug therapy; the question of pharmacoepidemiology as a tool for evidence-based medicine, search and analysis of evidence-based information on safety and effectiveness of medications.

In light of current trends of development of the ways to improve the provision of the general public with quality affordable medicines was  discussed the question of monitoring the prices for vital medicines, price formation of medicines, possible ways of reimbursement of expenses for drugs.

At the conference the leading experts in the field of pharmacoeconomics, standardization and formulary system of Ukraine made ​​the report, which highlighted the condition and development prospects of the formulary system and standardization of medical care, provided the regulatory basis and algorithm for selection of drugs for inclusion into the State Formulary of drugs, steps and expected results of the introduction of the formulary system. Particular attention was paid to the establishment of Standardization system of medical care from the point of view of the effectiveness of medical interventions, advanced principles of medical standards and creation of medical protocols in Ukraine.

Based on analysis of survey data on the number of patients who were unable to purchase the necessary medication because of high prices, there were discussed the questions of medication availability in regions of Ukraine, evaluated the level of social protection of the pharmaceutical provision, considered the methodology of socially effective pricing policy of retail prices for drugs, due to the referential pricing.

Special attention was paid to the reimbursement, which according to the opinion of the leading experts in organization of healthcare is one of the development indicators of the pharmaceutical sector of healthcare system and component of complex of socioeconomic measures aimed at protecting the population on the part of the state through effective mechanism of compensation of cost of purchased drugs at the levels set in the relevant regulatory legal acts. The conference was considered in details the experience of foreign countries on reimbursement.

The reports aroused great interest among the participants, both academics and representatives of practical medicine and pharmacy, prompted the participants to active discussion and debate.

The organization and holding of the conference was attended by members of Regional and Municipal Department of Healthcare and Social Affairs, headed by Sorokolat Yuriy Vladimirovich.

The total number of participants registered for the conference was 215, including:

  • Rector of the NUPh, Corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science in Pharmacy, Doctor of Science in Chemistry, professor Chernykh V.P. (Kharkov);
  • Chief Specialist of the registry office of the prices for medicines at the Department of drugs and medical products of the Ministry of Public health of Ukraine Sandulenko N.V.(Kiev);
  • Advisor to the Minister of Public Health, Deputy Chairman of the Cenral Formulary Committee of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Doctor of Science in Medicine, professor Stepanenko A.V.;
  • Deputy Chairman of the Central Formulary Committee, head of the secretariat, director of the department of rational pharmacotherapy and support of state formulary system of the State Expert Center of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Science Dumenko T.N.(Kiev);
  • Head of the Department of Post-approval monitoring of the safety and efficiency of medicines of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Science Matveeva O.V. (Kiev);
  • representative of the Department of standardization of medical services of the StateExpertCenter of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Shylkina O.M. (Kiev);
  • Director of Healthcare Department of Kharkiv City Council, Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor Sorokolat Yu.V. (Kharkov);
  • Deputy Head of the Central Healthcare administration of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Siroshtan G.M. (Kharkov);
  • Chief Doctors of medico-prophylactic institutions of Kharkov, Sumy, Poltava (total of 32 people);
  •          chief of the departments of medico-prophylactic institutions;
  • heads of pharmacies;
  • medical practitioners and pharmacists of Kharkov and Kharkov region.
  • representatives of pharmaceutical companies: Sanofi-Aventis (Kiev), «Ananta Medicare» (Kharkov), «MSD» (Kiev), «BC Pharma B.V.» (Kiev),
  • law firm «Nikitin, Ovsiannikov i Partnery»;
  • lecturers of the departments of Lviv, Vinnytsa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Kiev Medical University and Dnipropetrovsk, Bukovina Medical Academies, where “Pharmacoeconomics” is taught; lecturers of various NUPh departments;
  • the NUPh heads of the departments, professors, associate professors, postgraduates and master’s degree student;
  • chief editor of magazine “Rational pharmacotherapy” Tkacheneko N.I., representatives of the newspaper “Weekly “Pharmacy”;

The main conclusion of the conference – is the need for active conduction of pharmacoeconomical researches, usage of their results in the development of formularies at various levels, standards and clinical protocols for treatment of basic diseases that will significantly improve the quality of treatment and optimize the usage of limited financial resources of the healthcare system.

The conference participants emphasized that, taking into account the aging of the Ukrainian nation, increasing proportion of elderly and senile age people with substantial features as for the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs, in the process of development of standards and clinical protocols of the diseases that are peculiar to the middle age individuals it is reasonable to consider gerontological aspects of pharmacotherapy.

The participants of the conference decided that the next conference would be devoted to the further development of pharmacoeconomical researches in Ukraine, usage of the results of pharmacoeconomic analysis in processing the reimbursement methodology of medicines, further introduction of the formulary system into clinical practice.

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