23 March 2012 the distant Internet-conference «Human in the philosophical measurement of the present day», at the Department of Social Sciences

23 March 2012 at the Department of Social Sciences of the National University of Pharmacy the distant Internet-conference «Human in the philosophical measurement of the present day» were held.

In the conference took place specialists in Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Medicine, Economics, Culture and Religious Study, and among them – 5 Doctors of Philosophy, 14 Candidates of Science, Lecturers Assistants, Post-graduate and undergraduate students, young scientists from different higher education establishments of Slobogansky region, Kiev and Donetsk.

In total above 60 papers on the various topics and directions have been submitted to to conference organizing committee. In submitted materials the following questions have been taken up: issues of human reality and manifest in the modern world, that connect to the problem of self-knowledge, surviving, issue of virtual space, informative safety, inner world, ethical problems in Medicine, nanotechnologies in pharmacy, problems of ecological responsibility, etc.. Context of the offered abstracts certifies the wide diapason of scientific study of the philosophical anthropology problems. Participants of the conference have shown at quite high level their scientific interests, and that gave an ability to develop practical recommendations of the conference regards to the point of human manifest as a philosophical view of today. The recommendations are supposed to have a great value for rising of effectiveness of the training and educational process in institutes of higher education, and also will highlight an important vector for scientific researches.

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